Today’s inspiration comes from beautiful Ash Barton, a small rural village in the heart of North Devon. Headed up by the uber-talented Carmen at The Prop Factory, this shoot took it’s inspiration from a bag of flowers! The exuberant colours and deep, serious tones became the stimulus for the collaboration, resulting in an almost romantic, feminine fairy-tale story shoot. Making props since 2011, this eclectic company can offer a touch of festival, boho, wonderland and a whole host of other themes……they can even make bespoke items too (check out the Alice in Wonderland style red and white wooden toadstools!). Together with the aspirational Jen from Jennifer Jane Photography. this shoot was born with minimal fuss and a rustic, elegant and powerful strength in the form of colour bursts and bold bridal styling. Featuring an original vintage 1970’s dress by Days Of Grace, the collaboration is kind of Maid Marion meets the modern world. It’s earthy, organic and true to it’s festival roots as the bride doesn’t even wear shoes – now that’s our kinda gal!

Pretty, overgrown and bare, we are in love with the flower crown, the ivy-wrapped caramel sofa, the blooms and fallen petals….in fact we love everything there is to love about this collaboration. It’s our pleasure to hand over to Carmen at The Prop Factory to tell you more about her Wildflower Shoot….

Wildflower Collaboration

Words by Carmen Croxhall, The Prop Factory 

The shoot began life as a bag of flowers! We were given a huge bag of dried flowers in deep reds, ochre, and sunburnt orange. Everything was planned around the flowers as they gave the inspiration for the entire shoot. I love taking a simple object and using it to inspire a look; I feel it doesn’t clutter up the vibe and makes it lovely and coherent. The flowers feature pretty much in ever set up, along with simple wild foliage. The first thing we did was to create a flower crown by glue gunning the flowers to a normal head band. It built up quite quickly and became quite prominent although we didn’t always intend this. We originally wanted the crown to be delicate and elegant to show off the contrasting strong female presence of the bridal model. We used striking make-up on the model to help create this look and sent sample flowers to all of our suppliers, including Grey Mink Make-Up, so that she could easily create the right tones for the make-up. 

DIY Wooden Toadstools and Ivy Draped Sofa

As well as the flowers we also had lots of little wooden toadstools made by us. We painted the unfinished plain wooden kitchen door knobs too. We wanted to achieve a natural, rustic and messy overgrown feel by wrapping the ivy around the sofa and backdrop. The door knob toadstools also inspired the toadstool stools which were made from 100% recycled materials and cost only 25p in materials (the screws) but quiet a few hours in labour!

The cake was a simple white 3-tier with pinks and oranges blended into the icing and wild Jasmine wrapped around. It was placed on a 1930’s oak bureau, which we added moss and ivy to, giving it the feel that it had been outside for sometime and had naturally become a part of the surroundings.

Vintage Lace Festival Wedding Dress

The dress from Days Of Grace is an original 1970s dress with a beautiful festival feel, and for this reason, we decided to keep the look bare and organic and skip having bridal shoes. We imagined the floaty lace dressed and barefooted bride to be running around the venue curiously, almost in search of something. We found Ash Barton which had a slightly overgrown and almost derelict feel to the outside, although the inside is perfectly looked after and beautiful! The textures of the walls, creeping vines, broken fences and decaying fabric made a perfect back drop to set up a few areas for the cake table, herringbone backdrop, toadstool stools, herringbone table, willow heart, camel sofa and woodland chair. 

The Line Up

Photography: Jennifer Jane Photography
Venue: The Ash Barton Estate, Braunton
Props and Styling (including Floral Crown): The Prop Factory
Dress: Days Of Grace
Cake: Edible Essence
Make-Up: Grey Mink Make-Up
Flowers: Winsor Flower Studio
Model: Emma White


Wedding beauty on its way!

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