Afternoon, you beautiful people! I hope you’re having the most divine day in the sunshine, I may or may not be out trying to tan my legs with a towel over my head so I can see the screen to type this post up for you! #reallife! Totally worth it though because today we’ve got the most gorgeous guest post from the lovely Jo of Love Hair & Co

If you’re the kinda bride who’s looking for that perfectly worn-in look (you know the kind, all sexy and dishevelled), but you can’t seem to make a style like that look good all day long then this post is most definitely for you! Jo’s unearthing all her secret tips and favourite products to keep your hair frizz-free while still looking naturally glorious for the entirety of your wedding day!

Excited? I know I am! Listen up ladies, because our fave hair guru is here…

In my quest for undone hair, I do love a style that doesn’t involve a ton of kirby grips. I like to keep things simple, so I choose the products I use carefully, to help me achieve the desired look. This is especially important for wedding hair as it’s got to look awesome ALL day, not just a couple of hours and whether it’s a classic summer in the UK (hot / cold/ wet / hot / cold / wet on repeat) or a humid destination wedding, that pesky humidity needs to be kept at bay. Anyone that has ever had any dealings with frizzy hair or has ever watched friends (the one in Barbados) will know that humidity is NOT your friend!

I have been using lots of sprays rather than creams recently as I’ve found that whilst a cream coats the hair and can get it looking really smooth, that’s not always what I want. Sometimes that lived in / sexy hair with the rough edges just looks better. Cooler.

But can you get this finish without encouraging frizz? The answer my friend, is HELL YEAH!

So, I’ve been trying out various spray products that I can mix and use together, in order to create curls that last, have texture, don’t look shiny and can stand up to humidity…

Ok, I’m not going to lie. Georgia has been blessed in the hair stakes, she has the kind of hair that can be straight and glossy but also curls happily. But that’s also the kind of hair that can form, what we in the industry call ‘Frizz’ (it’s a technical term for what you also call frizz!)


So, I started by brushing her hair hence the ‘frizz’


Before touching with the heat, I used Living Proof – flex hair spray all over. This is a multi tasking spray with memory, heat protector and form so great for curling.


Then I took a 1 inch square sections starting at the nape of the neck and curled them using a ‘wand’. The one I am using here is from GHD but there are loads on the market – I usually work with a Babyliss Pro 19-32mm


Don’t start your curl too close to the root, keep it a couple of inches away. The effect you want is that the hair ‘hangs’ rather than sits in big curls. The GHD is a much hotter tool so creates firm waves so PLEASE do not hold it for long. When the hair is warm. it’s done!


I repeated this and kept going in 1 inch thick sections to the top, then curled the sides directing away from the face.


Next up, I ran my fingers through the hair (gently!!) and sprayed ‘Beach Club’ By IGK into the curls by lifting them up with my hands and getting right into the hair. Be brave here, the more you touch it, the better it looks.


I then took a small section of hair from either side of the parting and twisted them to join at the back. Keep it under the occipital bone (that lump at the back of your head) for a relaxed boho finish. Looks much better from the side too!


Secured with a small band (one of those weeny clear ones)


Once I was happy with the shape, I gently pinched hair and pull away from head to create natural volume at the crown and a textured unpolished finish – So much cooler than a big backcombed bouf girls!!


I took small sections from the front and entwined them around the base I’d created – If your hair is layered you may have to secure these with pins


I did this with a couple of sections on each side, tucking the ends around until I got to the middle, then I let them hang down.


Next up, I took sections from each side of what is now a little half up do.


Then crossed them over in front of the section to cover the band an create a lil’ twist aaannnd..

I joined them again around the back and secured with a second band.


Finally, I spritzed with Bumble and Bumble’s iconic Surf Spray – My ‘Go To’ product to give it a bit of definition and make the curls harder.


Then I sprinkled that do with glitter. Everywhere – Go hard with this, for no other reason than sparkly hair can only be a good thing, right!?

I think this one is pretty easy to achieve. It’s a great starter for the looks we have to come and can be worn to anything from a 3 day festival to afternoon tea with your Nanna! What d’ya think? I hope you like, would love to hear how you get on recreating this bad boy!


Peace, Love and Awesome hair

Jo xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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