And how is everyone today? Sun in shining and I’m nice and toasty in my slippers so I’m a happy lady!

We have some exciting news to share with you all today. We have a new recruit and she is more than a little bit awesome!

You may remember back in October we featured a beautiful woodland wedding that was held at our secret venue in Kent. Well the lovely bride aka Clare Pattinson impressed us so much with planning her inspirational wedding in just 9 weeks that we had to offer her a job!

You see, throughout her planning process she was posting all her ideas and inspiration to her Instagram page and we were hooked! Each day she brought a new creative idea that she showcased either through video, slideshows or images and we loved what she was doing so much that we just had to have her doing the same for us. So, she is!!!

Clare is now in full control of our Instagram page and already she has been posting brilliant inspiration from quirky favour ideas to cool little videos with things I know you Festival Brides will love. She’s also promoting our daily blog posts by sharing little teasers to what’s either already on our festival pages or what’s coming up.

You can check out all the wonderful things she’s doing by following us on Instagram.

Clare will also be sharing some of her ideas and passions here on Festival Brides which leads me nicely to this gorgeous post she has done on veils.

So without further ado I am going to hand you over to the lovely Mrs Pattinson………….

Never thought of yourself as a veil kinda girl?  Ditto.

I always wanted to keep my wedding look casual, maintaining that boho edge. In my mind, a veil might look too cutesy, too traditional (not my thing thing at all) or maybe just a little too expected. Well, let me assure you, the veil trends buzzing around right now are certainly not what your guests will expect! My post-wedding veil research has left me wishing I’d bitten the bullet and indulged in one of these beauties. I can guarantee I’ll be green with envy of any bride that embraces one of these amazing looks. So here’s the line up:

Think chic Carey Mulligan in this year’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, only in your imagination, she and DiCaprio actually walk down the aisle and she dons the most amazing hair piece… enter the Juliet Cap veil.

For those willing to fully embrace this 1920s trend, a Juliet cap fitted to the head sees this style at it’s most distinctive. Look for scalloped edges, perhaps an oversized flower to the side and lightly polka-dotted tulle. It’s also worth noting the stronger colour palette and luscious lashes adorning these model’s eyes, they really sing next to the cap veil.

Melinda Rose Design’s Dotted Bridal Cap:


Image Credit: Altas & Elia Photography via Etsy

It meets the brief and so much more, allowing sight of a stunning up-do at the nape of the neck too.

Megan Therese Couture’s Renaissance Skull Cap:


Image Credit: Megan Therese Couture for Etsy

I love the one-sided drop from this veil- it softens the cap, and in a delicate champagne lace? It’s too good.

For those that love this idea, but fancy something a little less structured, a little more ‘oh-I-just-slung-it-on’; you’ll welcome the looser Juliet cap with open arms. Look for lightweight tulle with edges adorned with a striking lace trim and wear them sat back on the head to get that ‘cap’ effect.

The Foliage Trim:


Image Credit: Amy Oliver Photography 

A gentle, yet distinctive symmetrical foliage trim embellishes this real bride’s soft veil. Perfect for woodland inspired weddings – hell, I’d theme the whole darn thing around that trim!

Now that I’m done gushing over Carey Mulligan’s styling, lets go even more boho… let’s talk about the head wrap. Using sheer, light tulle this style is a subtle nod to the veil, whilst proving an increasingly popular alternative to the flower crown.

These headbands work amazingly for those looking to wear their locks down and long for their wedding day. They give that ‘touche finale’ to your disheveled look. Go for textured, full-bodied hair and wear the head wrap just slightly down onto your forehead.

Johanna Johnson’s Wheat Headband:


Image Credit: Johanna Johnson

A simple, but oh-so-elegant ivory tulle tie band gives this look a super cool edge that seems to be just pouring out of Australian designers right now.

Grace Loves Lace Sansa Headpiece:


Image Credit: Grace Loves Lace via Etsy

No words, right?! It’s just everything we want and more. Grace Loves Lace nailed it!

Mata Haris Daughter’s Angelique Headpiece:


Image Credit via Etsy

Just incase you’re still not convinced: Tassels and feathers. Need I say anymore?

This next concept takes something traditional: the Spanish Mantilla veil and knots it. Not sure what I mean? Let me show you the humble, earthy elegance of this effortlessly cool DIY trend:


Image Credit: 2 Brides Photography 

A simple over-hand knot, sitting beneath this bride’s gorgeously low-seated up-do creates a stunning, feminine addition.


Image Credit: Taylor Clarke Bridals 

Note the delicate polka dot making a reappearance again here. This stunning, shorter version of the knotted veil is arranged with a looser fit over the bride’s head, enhancing the dotted texture of the sheer fabric.

Now, if I still haven’t managed to sway your wild spirit into the idea of a veil, these photos just might…

Grace Loves Lace strikes again with their Jasmine Veil:


Image Credit: Grace Loves Lace via Etsy

Kristi Bonnici’s gold dot drop veil


Image Credit: Kristi Bonnici

It’s safe to say that the veil is the ultimate in photo props. Whether you’re dancing in the wind with your super long style, or creating a hazy portrait shot with a simple drop veil, the fluidity of the sheer fabric makes for astounding shots, who doesn’t want that?!

So, we’ve taken one of the most definitive features of the traditional bride, then capped it, tied it and knotted it into a style that screams ‘Festival Bride’.

Whether it’s 1920s Gatsby, hippie-love headbands or the graceful nape-of-your-neck knot, the old school veil has been unveiled as a major trend for 2013/2014.

Clare xx

How gorgeous is that over hand knot veil from Taylor Clarke Bridals – love love LOVE!

For my wedding I wore a beautiful Juliet cap veil handmade by Charlotte from Wilden Bride London. The veil was embroidered with vines of lace and daisies scattered down the edging with different shades of handpicked blue crystal beads sewn into the lace. It really was stunning and completely unique. I loved it so much that I didn’t take it off all day!

You’ll be able to see pictures of my veil next week as I will be posting our full wedding on Festival Brides. Can’t wait!

So are you planning on wearing a veil or do you think you’d rather go for a feather headdress instead!? We’d love to know!

Big Love

Festival Brides xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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