Fill them with flowers, hang them from trees, light up your venue by placing tea lights or candles inside – whatever you decide, getting creative with glass bottles and jars of all shapes, sizes and colours can create a big impact and the best part about it is it’s cheap as chips!

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Whether your wedding is vintage; shabby chic; rustic; country tea party; summer fete; and/or festival, glass bottles and jars can be a simple yet effective addition to your wedding decor. If you love a bit of DIY, you can really create something quite personal and unique that fits in with the style of your wedding.

I’ve already roped in friends and family to start collecting their glass jars! Even my work colleagues are bringing them in! The best part about it is the more you collect, the more inspired you are by all the different colours, shapes and sizes.

For our wedding, I’m aiming to keep it simple by using them as centerpieces. The idea is to tie 3 different sized jars together with string or lace and fill each one with a small selection of country flowers – nothing too fancy!

To fit in with our festival theme, with our large mason jars we are going to make stencils of wellies, small tents, bunting and flags, attach them to the jars and then spray paint the glass white. We are then going to fill them all with tea lights and hang them from the trees around our venue.

However you decide to use them, you will be surprised at how atmospheric and versatile they can be.

Below is some inspiration on how other couples have used them for their weddings. I love the idea of putting old photos in jars, attaching white paper dollies to the inside to create a soft vintage feel and I especially LOVE the quirky thermos flasks! Brilliant!








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Wedding beauty on its way!

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