3Happy Thursday people!

We are one step closer to those elusive two days we call ‘Weekend’, and BOY, does that put me in a good mood!

You know what else puts me in a good mood? The above picture.

I mean: aztec zigzag patterns carved into worn, handmade wooden stools, with a splash of colour… Can we just take a second for that?! SO. GORGE.

…And there’s plenty more of where that came from this morning as we’re gonna be hitting up no less than six bohemian chair trends that y’all need to seriously consider for your wedding this year. Taking totally different forms, we’re gonna consider throne-like pieces, perfect for you and new husband to sit upon during the ceremony or at your reception dinner, as well as low level bohemian stools for your guests, the wow-effect of a macrame swing chair and we’ll be topping it all off with a good swig of something fabulous with our Bohemian Luxe category.

You’re gonna lose it!

So, whether you plan to wed in a woodland glade dappled in sunshine, or out in an open meadow dotted with wildflower colour… You’re gonna need seating, and we’ve just the pieces to make a hella beautiful statement!

Mexican Equipale


Brides, meet the Mexican Equipale…

Yeah, I had no idea it was called that either, but these beautiful handmade chairs date back to the 1500s, and are rooted in Aztec culture. Who can say no to that?!

Considered part of the cultural patrimony of Mexico, the Equipale traditionally consists of a pine frame joined together with cactus fiber known as ixtle and finished with a leather seat.

Seriously though, we love love the desert vibes these chairs create. Paired with exotic clay-potted succulents and cacti, you guys could totally ace a set of these at your wedding.

2149Those pashminas, though. SWOON.

Aren’t they just beautiful? And with the strong structure and striking design of these chairs, you really could leave them totally undressed; they’re gorgeous enough on their own!

That said, if you do wish to dress them in someway, be sure to keep it relatively unstructured: the relaxed addition of a soft, flowing pashmina or adding foliage to the curve of the Equipale’s back works to enhance their gorgeous shape, rather than detract from it.

5150See how the addition of foliage accentuates that fabulous curved shape? Not to mention how the green and white sets of the warm earthy orange of the chair.

Work to enhance your historical pieces, they have so much to say!

Woven Stools

OK, so next up we’ve got a selection of incredible low level stools.

Would you believe, I was inspired by none other than good old TK Maxx to write about these little beauties!

(Not exactly the far flung, exotic destination you were hoping I was gonna reference, I know!) but they had an awesome selection of brightly coloured, embroidered and woven stools, and I found myself rapidly searching my brain for a place that we could fit one in our little abode…

They’re just too sweet.

Go for bright colour, loud Mexican or Indian inspired patterns and mix up round and square shapes to create the ultimate, chilled, bohemian seating for your guests to lounge out on.

5 39Left: bhg  Right: Alice is Wonderful

648 38Left: Enjoy the Kiss  Right: Perpetually Chic


We literally cannot get enough of that gorgeous trim! In fact, keep your eyes peeled this month, as we’ve got an incredible DIY coming up for your reception table scape, and Pompom is the word! WAY too excited to share!

We love that this style of seating encourages us, and our guests, to be sociable by the very nature of how we sit on them. Lower to the floor and without a chair back, stools encourage the user to lean in to those they’re conversing with, add to that the portability of these little stools (or the share-ability of the larger pieces) and you’ve got yourself one very lively, sociable reception!

74 9Left: Decor Diaries  Right: Tallulah the Label

Seriously though, the colours, shape and textures are just insane…

Like a wallhanging that you sit on – what better way to park your butt?!

Peacock Goddess

Of course, next up comes a long-time love of FBrides: the Peacock chair.

The ultimate display of bohemian beauty, this chair is true to it’s name. The stunning detail of its oversized back begs for attention, and my my, it certainly gets it!

A throne worthy of a god and his goddess, the wicker chair back forms a divine halo around the head of its occupant. They’re the most amazing photo prop, visually stunning in their own right, but they also work to frame the upper body, making for drop-dead gorgeous portraits!

Not to mention the fact that their oversized stature would make any goddess seem all the more delicate and petite!

181914Nothing, but nothing compliments wicker better than fresh, brightly coloured flowers. Don’t fight me on this one, ok?!

The other amazing thing about peacock chairs? Their pretty darn lightweight, making them super portable.

Take them deep into your woodland, or straight into the middle of that overgrown flower meadow for your photographs and still have them feature at your reception table 10 minutes later!

There’s a reason peacock chairs are still proving so popular with festival brides and it’s this: they’re just every-way-awesome!

1223203444 17Left: Enjoy the Kiss  Right: Chic Posh

4045 22Left: Keltainen Talo Rannalla  Right: Babee Face

You go ahead and feel free to pretty heavily style your peacock chairs too. This iconic, bohemian shape can take all the additional styling you wanna throw at it and still steal the show!

Oh and also, while we’re here…

*Ahem… Perfect boudoir shoot prop …Ahem*


Rattan Rules

Ok, so take the classically bohemian peacock chair a step further, and you’ll find all natures of rattan chairs that just scream ‘boho cool’ all day long.

Like, really, they’re hollering it at you, and y’all need to listen up!

Often reminiscent of the peacock style, the shapes of these wicker pieces vary greatly, from rocking chairs, to a more curved arm chair to something with a little more of a make shift island vibe (which we’re so hot on right now!)

However you go about it, they’re all RADiculous!

816 15Left: Punto De Vista  Right: Celebrity Bride Guide

2143 Add throws, add cushions, add a rug, add flowers (hell, you better add flowers!) …These wicker chairs can take it all!

And man alive are they versatile!? They work beautifully with underplayed, neutral palettes, but also sit crazy-well with neons.

And, seen as we’re all about inducing summer vibes for the greater good of mankind (I don’t know about you guys, but it’s a pretty dreary grey morning where I am!), we are just DYING over the use of brights in these shots…

4641 I mean!

Check out how the addition of a single, strong colour works to create cohesion amongst quite a varied selection of chair styles.

You know what that means? Y’all can just go ahead and browse ebay, or pick up a wide selection of car-boot and charity shop wicker finds without a care in the world as to whether the styles work together, or the wicker is worn to the same level, ’cause if you add accessories in one single, bold colour it’ll tie them all right up together. Like they were meant to be.

And of course, it wouldn’t be bohemian seating without giving the love seat a most ardent mention!

3536There’s nothing more beautiful than one of these cuddle-inducing chairs.

Whether it’s a sweet little PDA from you and your man (ummm, don’t mind us, it’s your wedding day!) or your photographer happens upon a load of little ones cuddled up on it later in the evening after way too much cake… They’re the ultimate sign of love, in its many forms.

What better seating to dress your wedding lounge with?!

Laid Back Lounging, Literally

Now. Now we’re talking wow-factor.

I just couldn’t help myself: swinging chairs.

2831 33Left: White Bohemian  Right: White Bohemian

Hit up slouchy hammock chairs (I spent an entire weekend in one of these once, they’re BEYOND comfortable!) or one of those round macrame pieces and adorn with as many cushions, tassels and blankets you wanna throw at it for the most comfortable seat in the room.

(And when I say ‘room’ I’m of course referring to woodland/beach/meadow/barn… You know how it works!)

They’re the most amazing addition to any wedding lounge. Place them as a sweet, cosy surprise in a woodland glade for your guests to discover, a seat with a view hung from a tree overlooking a lake or the sea, or as an insanely gorgeous photo prop.

For real though, how cute does this bride look, just hangin’ around?!…

11The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose32And yes, if your budget allows, multiple hanging chairs are a given. ‘Power in numbers’ certainly rings true with these little wicker pods.

That’s the great thing about these feature seats, even if you’ve decided to be relatively reserved with your inner bohemian throughout the rest of your wedding styling, you can kinda go to town on these chairs and it won’t overpower, as they’re a single, somewhat restrained expression.

So, you can get hella eclectic with these pieces, and tucked into a cosy nook of your venue, you won’t find they dominate!

And on that note, we’re totally loving these handmade indian style, column pieces…

472613 27Left: Wedding Chicks  Right: Off Grid Quest

Go ahead and go big on these hanging seats too!

The above image in fact shows a trampoline base that’s been adorned and converted into an oversized hanging seat fit for 3 or 4 people (ummm hi, genius!).

They’re playful, relaxed additions to your lounge that your guests will just love!

2910OK, I am thinking of my weekend chill and feeling that I may need one of these quite urgently.

Who’s with me?!

Bohemian Luxe

And last, but by no means leas: it’s super important to note that ‘Bohemian’ doesn’t always translate to ‘rustic’.

Oh no! Boho vibes can take a serious dose of luxe and, infact, they thrive on it!

What am I saying? I’m saying that the juxtaposition of a hanging rattan chair, with a luxious leather Chesterfield sofa is TOTALLY a goer!

Case in point:

24 42The contrast of the shabby-cool edge of bohemian, with something a little more luxe is just everything.

Each amplifies the other, all working to create that bohemian ‘cave of wonders’ vibe that we love so dearly!

When it comes to your more luxurious choice, opt for faded, cool pastels to contrast with the warmth of your wicker pieces, choosing leather or velour textures and adding bright accessories to take them from ‘Old English Grandeur’ into the bohemian realm.

2537…And, it’s a given that a shot of inlaid wood is ALWAYS welcome in the boho world. I can’t even.

So, from one peacock chair bride to (I hope after this post) another… Have a fabulous Thursday, and may your seating forever be bohemian!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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