Today we have decided to bring you a little bit of a male fashion fix. One for the boys as they often get left out the planning process. This style will certainly get them noticed!!

Originating in the late 18th century, tweed is a Scottish tradition which has for many years been a designers dream. In my eyes, this gorgeous cloth is undoubtedly the perfect choice for an Autumn/Spring bohemian wedding in the woods!

It may be your lucky day – because if your considering implementing tweed, Brook Taverner are now offering 50% off their tweed range.. get shopping ladies! This well established tailoring company has been operating since 1912 and offers a range of Jackets to suit any taste.

The secret to pulling off tweed is to layer and accessorize. Rather than picturing the suit as a one piece, imagine it as a….Victoria sponge – lots of yummy layers!…. Lots of care and attention can create an amazing look which will have the groom’s personality shining  through.


Consider making a bold statement with your waistcoat. The above Cordings waistcoat may set you back £150.00 but they are immaculately tailored and made from pure wool.

The waistcoat is thicker and warmer than many cuts, having been woven from doeskin..perfect for a crisp autumn morning. I love how Cordings put a contemporary spin on old traditions.

If your deciding on a traditional tweed with little pattern then be wacky with your shirt choice. A crosshatch patterned shirt will bring the outfit to life and seem a lot more authentic.
If you’re looking for a particular material to compliment your theme Dashing Tweeds have a range of cuts to order. My favourite has got to be the ‘Modernist Spot’ which incorporates hues of deep red and grey’s to complete a unique and elegant design. Made from 100% wool, you’re guaranteed exceptional quality. 
Once you’ve chosen your cut, why not head to Cat and the Dandy, a bespoke tweed tailoring company, who will be more than happy to assemble your chosen material.

Source: via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

We also love these amazing bowwies from Timothy Foxx. No Tweed Suit can be perfected without one… all £35.

Don’t stop at the groomsmen. There are thousands of ways in which you can incorporate tweed into your design. Personally I absolutely love a splash of yellow at a wedding! Yellow has always reminded me of happy, bright, sunshine times… and let’s face it, that’s a wonderful vibe to have for your wedding day! We love the above Yellow Tweed Dress from Monsoon.. very chic and elegant and the perfect alternative design for your bridesmaids.

You may also want to consider your table decor. When I think of tweed I instantly think of country farmers…translate your vision to the table. Use rustic colours and plants to emerge the theme in a tonal way.

For more inspiration on how to use Tweed visit our Pinterest board.

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Wedding beauty on its way!

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