2Morning hotties!

Oh my goodness, couldn’t you just die over the cuteness of those little wooly people?! For real though, RIP me. They’re just the sweetest little creatures and they’re also just the cherry on top of our fabulous cake today, no literally, today we’re showing you guys our top ten cake toppers!

Cake toppers are such a rad little detail of any wedding, but quite notably you can go one of two ways with them: you can either opt for a highly stylised cake, maybe topped with fresh blooms (If that’s your thang, you probably wanna read this post!) or you can use your cake topper as an opportunity to have a bit of fun, and get a bit quirky!

You better believe we’re hitting up the latter option, Wednesday needs a bit of a laugh, no?!

So, prepare yourselves for hands-down cute, a little bit of humour and a lot of kitsch… ‘Cause our alternative cake toppers ain’t no candles!

one: little woolies by Marigurumi Shop

So, maybe it’s because the wooly couple I mentioned at the start of this post reminded me of my beau and myself, but I am OBSESSED with these little knitted people.

Customise hair colours and styles and add as many hearts as your budget will allow, and you’ve got yourself the sweetest, coolest little cake topper (and keepsake) on the market right now!

We’re besotted. No really, I can’t!

136…Just look at them, staring lovingingly into each other’s eyes… I can’t deal!


45Does he call you his princess?

Then you know you need to have a bit of fun with that!

We’re totally sold on these little wooly people: they’re fun, super adorable and hello?! Knitting is (still) so hot right now!

two: peg people by Lollipop Workshop + Goose Grease

Because we are just totally obsessed with Bride and Groom portraits (read more on that obsession right here) and because peg dolls are top of our list!

These little wooden people are just the coolest. Again, they make another awesome keepsake and would top a simply butter-iced or naked cake just perfectly.

Quirky, cool and yes, ridiculously cute.

1517Really though, they’re the sweetest! Look at her little white suit – too adorable!

Now, if budget won’t quite allow (in some instances these hand painted dolls can get a little pricey) or you wanna get yourself involved in this peg doll sitch, then Goose Grease have created a super rad little DIY kit which we’re totally into!


They’re just too much, I need them!

three: leggy creatures by Morgan the Creator + BHLDN

Ok, so things are about to get a little bit quirky over here right now and we couldn’t be more ok with that.

Enter stage left: Giraffes wearing a veil and bow tie.

Yes, you heard! And just look how crazy fun they are!

2120And if that doesn’t quite float your boat (really though?!) then you’ll wanna hit up BHLDN’s hottest decor piece right now, the flamingo cake topper!

29I mean!

The blush colour, the heart shape their necks create… It’s all WAY too good. Hearts for eyes.

four: the original figurine by Willow Boutique

Yes, we know, it’s been a trend for quite a while now in the Pinterest world, but believe me when I say, painted plastic figurines aren’t going anywhere soon!

And that’s A-OK with us!

14Come on though, they’re insanely perfect for any Autumn / Winter wedding and give just enough decor and sparkle to an otherwise simple cake!

…Really, what’s not to love?!

five: quirky porcelain by Melabo Wed

Haha, and you thought we were done with animal-related cake toppers!

Oh no, my friends! Representing yourself as an animal atop your wedding cake is kind of a big deal right now and no one does a quirky take on a traditional porcelain topper better than Melabo Wed.

We just love the minimal white clay, in contrast with the quirkiness of the animal figures. It’s like, understated cray-cray and we’re totally game for that!

222324From two foxes, or a cat and a bunny or hell, even a Wookie and a unicorn?! Pick and choose your figurines heads to match your characters perfectly!

They’re sure to get your guests talking!

six: all the fun by Host + Toast

Because we’re ALL about a dose of fun at your wedding and Host + Toast have certainly got y’all covered with their super cool toppers!

Whether it’s faceted jewels, sweet paper cranes or a song lyric to set the party mood (we can’t get it out of our heads either!), these toppers have fun written ALL over them!

91312No really, turn down for what?!

*mentally drops the beat and has a mini rave at her desk*

seven: sweet words by Host + Toast

Ok, so showing you just a few of Host + Toast’s toppers was clearly not enough, so I figured I’d best throw these gorgeous creations at y’all too!

Super sweet, these wooden signs are effortlessly cool and amorous without being sickly, just how we like it!

1011Plus, that hand scripted font?!


eight: go golden by BHLDN

Because everyone loves a ‘hitched’ sign and why wouldn’t you say it in golden letters?!

BHLDN have got this nailed (no surprises there!)

28Golden, brassy tones + white icing = a match made in Heaven!

So much pretty.

nine: rustic wire by Le Rustic Chic

Rustic is still a HUGE trend in the wedding world, and nothing says it better than a bit of hand-cured wire.

Initials + heart + arrow?! UH, we’re in love!

87We just adore them.

Their perfect imperfections give them that real authetic hand made feel, so rad for a tipi or woodland wedding!

ten: darling driftwood by Fir + Forest

Last but not least, if y’all are going for seriously natural vibes at your wedding and you’ve been looking for a wooden cake topper, then look. No. Further.

These driftwood signs are beautifully understated, perfect for a beach wedding.

252726Simple, elegant and earthy; (so, of course) FBrides loves!

So, whether it’s a naked cake, a 5 tier, brightly coloured or chocolate filled, may your cake topper be awesome and bring smiles to those who look on it!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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