TITLEGooood morning babes!
Prepare to be slapped in the face with a big ol’ smack of colour this morning!

(I mean that in the best way possible?!)

In the midst of all this sunshine we were having (ergh where’s it gone?!) our minds took a wander to the tropics and we collated 4 incredible colour ways to inspire your summer, tropical themed wedding! From the über cool ‘Muted Jungle’, to the traditionally tropical ‘Beachy Bright’, with a little kick of crisp white minimalism and a pretty pastel theme too, whatever colour scheme you’re looking to work with, we can guarantee a tropic look to suit!

So! Slide into your sandals, pack your sunnies and pop a flower in your hair, ’cause we’re off to the tropics…

Muted Jungle

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my personal favourite tropical colour way.

Inspired by the original washed-out illustrated covers of Rudyard Kipling’s novel, The Jungle Book, this palette has a vintage, aged feel that is achingly cool.

Tropical greens are given a warm, khaki undertone, set against backdrops of neutral sand and bone. While the introduction of cooler tones, a pale sky blue or inky navy, offset the natural shades beautifully.

How to create this theme at your wedding

  • Place oversized vintage botanical or anatomical (like the butterflies below) prints around your venue to decorate
  • Vintage prints for groomsmen’s shirts, or sweet, short bridesmaid dresses are a super fun way to incorporate this theme
  • Paint tropical leaves a shade of creamy bone for contrast
  • Give stationery an antique jungle postcard theme

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Beachy Brights

When someone says ‘Tropical Wedding’, I’d bet 9 times out of 10 this is the colour way people imagine.

And with good reason!

With its playful motifs, super summery vibes and bursts of bright colour; what’s not to love?! Big emerald green leaves meet flashes of canary yellow, while flamingo pink, shades of citrus and Aegean blue all smash together to create a vivid explosion.


How to create this theme at your wedding

  • We’re loving the trend for sweet little ornamental birds, be it as part of an exotic flower crown or as a striking centre piece
  • Take that flamingo motif and run with it! Cake toppers, stationery design… Hell, you could even line you aisle with them!
  • Pineapples as photo props. Need I say any more?!
  • When it comes to flowers, the bigger and the brighter, the better

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Pacific Pastel

Tropical takes a chic turn when usual the bright flamingo pink is substituted with a very pale hue.

Pair the giant deep green leaves with tonal variations of this more muted pink to produce a very ‘grown-up’ version of this theme. Clean lines, with the occasional addition of a pale turquoise make for a sophisticated, yet very laid-back interpretation of the tropics.

How to create this theme at your wedding

  • Introduce pale pinks with the use of large spherical balloons
  • Mix and match bridal separates, combining clean cut, modern tropical printed pieces with pastel skirts or accessories
  • Pale blush coloured cocktails adorned with fruit – um yes please!
  • Create contrast with bouquet of statement oversized exotic flowers, but in unexpected pastel shades and surrounded with eucalyptus for a softer texture and shape

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Minimal Palm

And finally – for you minimal brides who thought this post wasn’t for you – here’s our minimal take on the Tropics.

You’re gonna love it!

Taking inspiration from the crisp, fresh coconut, this simple, 3 colour palette is striking, elegant and effortlessly cool. Deep emerald greens are met by flashes of pure white, all rounded off with the earthy texture of bamboo.

Uh. I’m in love!


How to create this theme at your wedding

  • Keep it simple – clean white crockery contrasts beautifully with a wooden table and tropical leaf decor
  • Serve up fresh coconut, or coconut water to take this colour way back to its roots
  • And entire ceremony backdrop constructed from huge deep green leaves… I’m sold
  • Add hints of bamboo into your venue decor, woven bowls, lanterns… It’ll add warmth to the palette

M5 M1 M2 M8 M7 M6 M4 M3 copy4 ways. All seriously different. All transporting us to somewhere exotic.

…And sigh!

Tell us, are you having a tropical themed wedding? How are you planning to bring some exotic sunshine to the UK? Or are you having a tropical destination wedding?! We wanna hear! Do drop us a comment below!

And in the meantime, we’ll see you back here tomorrow for a special Girl Power edition of 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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