Fran and Tom said I do on the 20th June 2015 at St Blaise Church in Abingdon, Oxfordshire followed by a marquee reception in the gardens of their friend’s incredible stately home, Milton Manor. Described by themselves as being a wedding where “glitter and rainbow meets Marrakesh in the grounds of a stately home in the English countryside,” Fran and Tom’s fabulous wedding is a beautiful amalgamation of eclectic bohemian style, colourful gypsy inspired textiles, festival vibes and lots of very happy faces!

Inspired by a brightly coloured floral tray they have in their kitchen, Tom and Fran wanted their wedding to include ‘”everything and anything colourful and bohemian” and to create a vibe that was informal, relaxed and fun. What I love the most about their day is how they have mixed traditional elements with their own eclectic style and sense of humour. For example, they left the church in a horse and cart but instead of having horses, the best man and ushers pulled them along! Genius!

We love their eclectic taste and fabulous use of gypsy styling through the little maids shawls and page boy’s waistcoats, the crochet blankets thrown around the camp fire and flower garlands adorned to the marquee, cars, horses, trees and swings. We also love their handmade LOVE letters which they hung from trees in between brightly coloured ribbon and the very cool chill out area created from blankets, tree trunks and hay bales. Their whole wedding is full of wonderful eclectic inspiration and just has such a happy and fun vibe.

Starting with a fantastic video of their day from Ayla of Wagtail Productions (please watch this video peeps because it is brilliant and look out for the lady with the three hats!) Fran and Tom talk us through their bright and colourful wedding day….

Thomas & Francesca from Ayla- Wagtail Productions on Vimeo.

11.11.2014 at 11.11am…..

Tom proposed in Richmond Park on the 11th of the 11th at 11.11am in 2014 whilst we were sitting under a tree.

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Moroccan Style, Colourful Decor, Flower Garlands and Bohemian Style….

We hired the lining and Moroccan style seating. The tables and chairs, dancefloor and marquee were hired from Rent a Tent Marquees in Oxfordshire. Tom’s granny lent us the candelabras. Our friend lent us all the tea light holders which we scattered all over every table. We had multicoloured candles in gold candelabras. Rasberry red velvet table cloths were bought from Shepherds Bush Market. Fake flower garlands which were made at Francesca’s Hen party were hung around everywhere. White feathers dipped in fluro pink and gold glitter scattered on the tables. Glittery hearts also scattered. Multi coloured ribbons were hung from trees and the entrance to the marquee with the help from friends. We had l.e.d coloured lanterns and fairy lights in the trees after dark and fire pits surrounded by sofas and bales of hay with gypsy crotchet blankets to make it cosy. Tom made the big gold glittery LOVE letters which hung from the tree blowing in the breeze.

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Favourite Moment….

Seeing friends and family mingling, dancing and smiling, looking so relaxed and happy!  We will never forget the feeling/atmosphere in the little Church. An overwhelming feeling of Love all around!

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Any Advice….

Look at Pinterest for inspiration! Remember to enjoy the planning! Know that not everything on your To Do list will get done by the Big day! Oh and make sure you have a fabulous videographer like Ayla!

A Bit About Ayla from Wagtail Productions….

The most important thing to me about my videos is that they are personal. I think it shows, when looking at my portfolio that I don’t have just the one style, that I stamp on each video, because every wedding and every couple are different. I guess that diversity actually is my style.

I’m massively allergic to dated shots of rings hanging on branches and wedding shoes on pillows, it send me into shock. Coming from a film industry background, using camera language to tell the story is something I’m always thinking about. In moments of quiet, I may choose to use still and steady shots to reflect the emotion. When there’s bundles of energy, on the dance floor for example, I will go hand held and be freer with my camera movements.

I mainly adopt a documentary approach when filming and stay focused on what’s naturally unfolding in front of me. However, I do a lot of planning before the day so I’m ready to capture it when I see the opportunity for something special. For example, at Fran and Tom’s wedding I saw how everyone was standing outside on the grass, having such a good time in a dozen different conversations all happening at once. So I took my steadicam and followed various guests walking around, leading my camera from one group of people to another, with as few cuts as possible. I’m lucky that people don’t tend to be phased by me, even with a camera rig.

Your wedding is the fastest moving day of your life and when all that adrenaline, (and in many cases alcohol) has left your system, some memories may be a little hazy. Photographs are so worth every penny, and I think everyone knows that. But so is video! It transports you back to the day, capturing the movement, the sound, the expression on a loved one’s face as it changes from nerves to happiness. I’d say most of my couples started out initially not even considering having a wedding video, mainly because they didn’t know about what I call the ‘wedding video revolution’- we’re making wedding videos cool again! It’s now about story telling and doing it with beauty.

The Line Up

Photography: Maxwell and Malone Photography
Videography: Wagtail Productions
Ceremony Venue: St Blaise Church
Reception Venue: Milton Manor
Moroccan Marquee: Rent A Tent
Bride’s Dress: Astral Sundholm for Circa Brides
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bride’s Headpiece: Strawberry Moon Vintage from Hope and Harlequin
Bride’s Veil: Strawberry Moon Vintage
Bride’s Hair: Rochella at The Chelsea Chair
Groom’s Suit: Trousers & Morning Coat – Ede and Ravenscroft; Waistcoat – Oliver Brown
Groom’s Shoes: Samuel Windsor
Bridesmaid Dress: Frock Me Vintage Fair
Catering: The Gourmet Hog Roast Company
Entertainment: DJ Mass


Wedding beauty on its way!

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