Have you always dreamt of holding the perfect, outdoor whimsical woodland wedding? Or perhaps a rustic countryside barn is more your thing? Or maybe you have amazing alternative wedding ideas but without seeing them done before, you’re too fearful to step away from ‘the norm’? As a bride myself (I got married in a rural art centre in the Welsh countryside in 2016), I appreciate how difficult it can be to visualise your big day, especially when visiting these gorgeous summer spaces in the cold, drab winter months. They can often look particularly non-glam, out-of-season and without sparkle; It’s sometimes difficult to imagine what’s possible and all creative spark lays in a place of uncertainty. Sound familiar? Well, that was kind of my experience. If only I’d known about The Rustic Wedding Show! The show is the most wonderful opportunity for bride and groom to see, touch and feel their dream wedding in the flesh. Created and organised by Katie of Songbird Weddings and Events, this mastermind of a wedding show really stimulates a couple’s creativity and can take just a seed of their idea and harvest it into reality. Using sectioned areas within the show, all assigned their very own stylist and florist, couples are exposed to so many different wedding styles and décor options allowing them to create a wedding that is entirely personal and unique. The show also offers brides the chance to experience make-up demos (this was a particular nightmare for me as I’m not a fan of anyone else doing my make-up!) and hair styling (again, another big deal for any bride. It’s the one day you want every hair in place!). We all love a bit of ‘try before you buy’, and at The Rustic Wedding Show, you can do just that.

We all know the overwhelm of planning a wedding can be a little much, with so many options, suppliers and a whole host of catering, entertainment and venue options to choose from – it’s enough to make even the calmest head spin! Held at the pretty Manor Barn in Cambridge on 22nd April, The Rustic Wedding Show is the place to channel your creativity and get your planning process off to a bang. You can get to know your potential suppliers and handpick them according to your vibe. It’s so important to connect with everyone involved in your wedding, and this show is the pinnacle of places to meet with the very best in the industry.

Here is wedding planner and super guru Katie to tell you all about THE place to be for all brides on the 22nd April…..

What is the Rustic Wedding Show all about?

As a wedding planner I find that so many of my couples struggle to visualise what their outdoor wedding could be like as we stand in a rainy/boggy field in the middle of Winter and to be honest I don’t blame them. It is hard for people to picture the ambience created by an amazing outdoor structure or the relaxed feel from listening to music round a camp fire. Even more so, it is hard for people to convince their parents that this is a good idea for their wedding day and that their son and daughter haven’t turned into total hippies. I also felt that when I visited wedding shows, even doing what I do, it is hard for me to take someone’s table display and apply to it a whole venue. So I dreamt up the Rustic Wedding Show. The idea is that we transform spaces into wedding mock ups so that couples can start to picture what that style of venue would be like. We then handpick suppliers who fit within that space to make it easy for couples who love that style to find their perfect suppliers and to see how it can all fit together. We ask our exhibitors to come out from behind their tables and to make in more engaging (and quite frankly a less cringeworthy experience for everyone involved). The show has been a great success and I loved that at the first show people were leaving to go and get their parents and come back because that is exactly what I hoped the show would be.


Image Credit: Cambridge Tipi

So what can we expect from this show?

I get giddy when I think about this show because we have SOOO much to show our visitors and I won’t lie some of our areas are going to challenge even the most alternative of couples. Each area has a florist and stylist assigned to it and tasked with making that space inspiring and exciting. We will then be laying inspiration tables to show how the room could be brought together. We are going bold with our plans but I am hoping that it shows couples that you can step away from the traditional and find the perfect wedding day for you. So at this show we are going to have the lovely timber framed barn “Manor Barn” which will be dressed in a traditional barn style. Then we will have a clear marquee (which are all the rage for this season) that will be dressed in a heavy foliage style. Of course, none of my shows would be complete without a tipi which we will be decorating in a bright and colourful theme and YES there will be a moon arch (whoop whoop). Finally, we are turning the working farm barn at this venue into an industrial inspiration space – think irons and metals and wood and lots of scrummy festoon lighting! Love it or hate it, I want couple to go home with ideas and opinions!

What other suppliers will you have at the show?

If you, like me, expect to eat and drink your way around a wedding show (I know lots of you have convinced your men to come with the promise of such things) you will not be disappointed. We have a fantastic mix of fine dining catering options and more relaxed food truck style catering for you to sample and taste. We will also have make-up artists doing demonstrations, hair stylists, photographers, stationers, cakes, bridal attire, cars (grooms – do not miss the grooms self drive cars – EPIC).

Image Credit: Rural and Urban Events Catering

Image Credit: Two D Photography

So what style is the show?

Despite being called the Rustic Wedding Show, it isn’t a style so much as a vibe. The show is for couples who want to get married their way. They may want to step away from the traditional just slightly or literally leap away from it with a large pole. The show is for couples who want to create a relaxed, fun, alternative, stylish wedding and just need some ideas and epic wedding industry suppliers to get them started! That said, if you are planning an industrial, marquee, tipi or barn style wedding this year… seriously don’t miss it!

Where is it?

Manor Barn, Washpit Lane, Harlton, Cambridge CB23 1EY

When is it?

The show takes place on 22 April from 11am until 2pm.

There is a media launch and networking evening for industry professionals the night before (please contact Katie from Songbird Weddings for details)

How do I get tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online via our website www.therusticweddingshow.com or via eventbrite. Tickets are £3 (plus eventbrite fee) if purchased in advance or £5 on the day. If purchased in advance the bride in your group will receive a good bag.

Meet the organiser.

Hi, I am Katie from Songbird Weddings and Events. It is so hard for me to pin down the kind of weddings I love because I love something different about every wedding I work on. To me, the key is creating the right wedding for the couple. I work with my couples every step of the way to make sure the wedding planning experience is fun and enjoyable and the wedding day goes off without a hitch (or if there is a hitch they are sipping champagne whilst I tear my hair out and fix it all in the background without anyone knowing – which is the actual reality of wedding planning lol). Come down and meet me at the show. I love to chat weddings whether you need a planner or not!

Email: katie@songbirdweddingsandevents.com if you have any questions

Image Credit: Two D Photography

The Rustic Wedding Show is THE opportunity to share your planning process with the people you love the most. If you would like to attend, you just need to click the link www.therusticweddingshow.com and save yourself a place for just £3. At that price, you can afford to take along Granny too, and with all the finest catering tasting tables, I doubt your groom will take much convincing either! For more information, please contact Katie at katie@songbirdweddingsandevents.com. Block out the 22nd April in your diaries….we might even see you there!




Wedding beauty on its way!

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