Now, I know, the macrame trend has been around for a fair old while now, and you’re probably pretty convinced you’ve seen it all before, right?! Well, with any luck, this post will have you cooing ‘ohhh that’s new!’, and we’ll be left sitting here with very satisfied smiles on our faces, as I think I’ll forever be a Festival Brides fave!

With the resurgence of all things Seventies and boho for Spring/Summer 2017, of course, this woven boho textile is climbing the charts of wedding decor favourites again. Of course, we’ll be including some details you may have seen before (you better believe the favourite macrame ceremony backdrops will be making an appearance!), but we’ve also got some awesome chair decor details, hanging wedding cakes (yes that IS as exciting as it sounds!) and we’re gonna kick off with our favourite new way to embrace this earthy seventies trend…

One: Woven Bouquets

There must be a thousand ways to add a boho flair to a beautiful floral wedding bouquet: from adding pom poms, to feathers… But the addition of a macrame stem wrap (that’s what we’re calling it at least!) has got to be a new firm favourite!

Not only does it dress the stems of your gorgeous blooms (which can be quite numerous and arguably unsightly in a big ol’ bouquet!) and it of course adds a gorgeous contrasting texture, but it also balances very upright bouquets (those with no trailing blooms) by adding a hanging dynamic beneath the bouquet itself.

 Just gorgeous, they make the bouquets look so complete, and all the more bohemian!

Two: Knotted Chairs

So, let’s set the scene here a little: you’ve toyed with so many chair styles for your reception, because seating is a tricky thing to nail, right?! You’ve looked at your budget time and again, weighed up all the possibilities and tried to figure out just how important the style of your seating is… And you’ve reluctantly decided you’ve gotta go for your least favoured option.

Budget just won’t allow for the fancy chairs, yes the other option was gorgeous, but we still really want to book the photo booth! Oh we have been there my friends! But fear not, seating does not have to remain dull! Macrame is here (yet again) to save the day! So, whether you choose to hang these knotted beauties on every seat in the house, or maybe just top table’s, or heck maybe you reserve these little treasures simply to adorn special seats for the two of you, either way they make any chair look like a stunning bohemian original!

 Ps. Add a dash of eucalyptus into the mix and then you’re REALLY speaking our language.

Three: Strung Sponges

This one is a simple equation:

Cake + Macrame = the best idea you ever had!

This trend has been emerging fro a while, from dessert table backdrops to tiny macrame cake toppers. We’re obsessed, and not least with the new addition of macrame cake hangers (just like the house plant hangers, yes!).

 Who knew cake could look even tastier when suspended in mid air!?

Four: Intertwined Details

I think one of our favourite things about the macrame trend is how versatile it is and how it can either fade into the background, creating a beautiful foundation for your bohemian decor or, conversely, be the star of the show!

Sometimes, we’ll find ourselves looking at images on Pinterest, admiring their ideas and details, without even realising that we’re looking at macrame!

In the first image below for example, how rad is that tablescape?! The pampas grass, skinny black candles, those carved seats… Oh yeah, and look at that cute macrame table runner, just sittin’ there, minding its own business, effortlessly tying the look together!

 They just add an immediate undertone of bohemian to your decor; subtle but undeniable!

Five: Twine Table Plans

Table plans can be a tricky one to nail, in every respect! Not least, in their appearance!

For the bohemian bride looking for a chalk board alternative, these strung up beauties are just gorgeous. Suspended from trees, with added floral elements, the long and thin kind, the small and delicate, or the huge wall-covering installation-like gorgeous kind!

The possibilities are just endless!

 Those dream catcher-esq plans are just gorgeous, perfect for a woodland wedding!

Six: Stranded Ceremonies

And, of course, no macrame post would be complete without a look at our most recent ceremony backdrop faves!

Macrame continues to be super popular with outdoor bohemian brides, and be under no illusion that this is a one size fits all trend!

These backdrops can vary greatly: from densely woven hangings with huge floral statements, to skinny understated weaves hung above a gorgeous vintage rug. Then there’s the dip-dye macrame, the collection of assorted dream catchers… All so beautiful and so very unique, and once again so very on trend for 2017 brides!

And sigh! They’re just perfect for every season too!

I hope you guys found something new and exciting in this post that’s inspired you to incorporate this ancient Arabic weave style into your beautiful bohemian wedding.

I’d better sign off quick, before I risk dropping a terrible ‘tying the knot’ pun… Oh gosh, I already said it!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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