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Afternoon gorgeous people!

We’ve finally reached the hump day, if you guys can conquer Wednesday, then rest assured the weekend is the next big thing! I’m pretty stoked to be bringing this seriously hot new trend to you guys today; it’s original and totally off the cuff so, as I’m sure you can imagine, I’m totally IN LOVE with it! Without any further ado, let’s do what we Festival Brides do best; let’s talk flower crowns.

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If I could tell you just one thing about weddings, it’d be this: anything goes. Your wedding is your licence to bend the rules and express yourself, and here at Festival Brides we wholly endorse a hefty dose of originality. Now I’m sure, as a bride who loves a bit of boho chic, you’ll be well acquainted with the much loved flower crown. Allow me to be a little controversial here though, when I say it’s nothing new. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I love more than to see gorgeous brides adorned with flourishes of romantic petals, but you’ll have probably realised by now that I like to mix things up a little. Enter: the Crescent Moon Crown. Haven’t heard of it? Yeah, that’s probably ‘cause I’ve coined that name for it! That’s right, this trend’s so fresh, it hasn’t even been labelled yet. So whether you’re into gold leaves embellished with delicate pearls, a twist of asymmetry or just something a little more low-key, I’m pretty sure this new style with reveal something you’ll love!

Asym 1

Image Credit: Grace Love Lace via Polkadot Bride

Nothing says ‘aesthetically gorgeous’ like a bit of asymmetry. It can take a bit of confidence to carry off this look sometimes, but it adds a whole dose of elegance and sophistication the moment it’s embraced. So to break it down, we’re simply talking about either an incomplete circle of flowers that sits on one side of the head, or a complete ring that is more substantial or prominent on one side, creating this off-centre look.

Asym 2 copy

Image Credits: Left, Confetti Daydreams Right,

The asymmetrical halo works brilliantly with real flowers. Softening the addition of colours, there’s nothing intimidating or overwhelming about this off centre crown. It gracefully poises itself on the side of the head, producing an effortlessly romantic look. We love the above images, the surge of purples really enhance her beautiful blonde hair and, of course, we adore the tones of Pantone’s colour for 2014: Radiant Orchid (seriously ladies, look that colour up. Divine).

Asym 3

Image Credit: Coast to Coast Central

It’s worth noting that this trend works particularly well with two hairstyles: the loose one-sided braid and a twisted knot at the nape of your neck. With the braided look, position the more substantial side of crown on the same side as the braid falls, don’t try and balance out your braid, embrace the asymmetry entirely! While a loosely twisted up do is perfect for the half-Crescent, as the ends of the crown can be nested in the twisted hair, giving you the best of both worlds: the perfectly dishevelled up do we all crave, with subtle hints of a flower crown. In so many of these instances, it’s about engineering a floral hairpiece that will compliment your desired hairstyle.

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Asym 6

Image Credits: Top, Maggie Mowbray BRIDAL Pearl & Ivory Bottom, Maggie Mowbray BRIDAL White Blossom

Grec Gold 1

Grec Gold 1a

Image Credit: Sincerely Kinsey

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Image Credit: Erica Elizabeth Design

Now, if flowers just ain’t your thang, I have the perfect solution for you: the Grecian Crescent. Think luxuriously warm tones of gold, weaving their way from the back of your tousled locks, but not quite touching at the front… it’s pure Greek gorgeousness! At the edgier end of the scale, this is the most obvious way to showcase the Crescent crown. I love the flexibility of this crown: it can be worn with the leaves nestled at the nape of the neck with the opening at the front, or as more of a halo sitting across the front of one’s head, but placed back from the hairline. Equally dreamy, yet equally dramatic, these Grecian Crescents are showstoppers, especially for the brunette bride. Dammit, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: I wish I’d had one!

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Grec Gold 3a

Image Credit: Noaki

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Image Credit: AvigailAdam

Leaves 1 Leaves 1a

Image Credit: Sincerely Kinsey

Bring this look back to its roots, and you have a natural rendition of the Grecian Crescent. The vibrant green of these leaves works amazingly in all hair colours, creating a beautifully earthy crown that is quite simply everything. Woodland brides, I think this one’s for you, there’s something so humble about the leaf, but so striking; own it, ladies!

Leaves 2

Image Credit: 100 Layer Cake

Whilst we’re here, gazing adoringly at these pieces, the thrifty brides among you might be interested to know that both of the above leaf Crescent crowns are DIYs, just click the links to find out more.

Reverse 1

Image Credit: Glamour Magazine

Reverse 2 copy

Image Credit: Left, Percy Handmade Right, Huffington Post

I don’t know about you girls, but I am a huge fan of the half up, half down hairstyle. This final trend couldn’t be more perfectly suited to that laid back look and gives a subtle nod to our old faithful, the flower crown. There are so many brides that this look would suit: those unsure of a front heavy crown, those concerned that the reverse of their hair is a little plain and oh-my-goodness every beach bride would look killer with this little burst of floral; it suits the lot! Whether you go for surf-chic hibiscus, a little white poppy (I just died it’s so pretty) or a cluster of daises, this reverse Crescent is the playing-it-cool of flower crowns.

Reverse 3

Image Credit: Tessa J

Reverse 5

Image Credit: Stone Cold Fox for The Knot

The goddesses of bridal style, Stone Cold Fox, have embraced this reverse Crescent crown atop their veils. Starting at the nape of neck, the veil falls from a half-wreath of elegant greenery and delicate flowers. The reasons I love this look are twofold: it effortlessly softens the starting point of the veil without the need for an overly structured up do, whilst also highlighting the sensual, feminine nape of the bride’s neck. Yes, it’s ticking all my boxes.

Reverse 6

Image Credit: Intimate Weddings

So, that’s my take on the Crescent Moon Crown. We’ve taken a trend that’s made a fantastic resurgence over the past couple of years and given it a new life. To the bride that isn’t sure of the flower crown: girl, I hear you, and I implore you to do it your own way, the sky’s your limit. Be inspired by the ever-popular floral halo, but remember that free-spirited heart of yours and break the rules a little.

Much love my favourites,

Clare xo


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