Morning Lovely Peeps, we have some beautiful table decor inspiration for you today which mixes elegant styling with the outdoors, a trend that we are seeing being used more and more in the UK. It is the perfect look for a romantic outdoor English country wedding or if you wanted to create an intimate outdoor dining space in a woodland somewhere just for two!

Put together by Holly Cadogan Flowers and featuring the work of Foto Memories, Coordination Catering Hire and The Chalk Spot, the shoot was inspired by the gorgeous table scapes that we are seeing from America, where green foliage is being used with simple flowers, muted colours and modern tableware, to create a more luxourous bohemian outdoor look. You can almost imagine a long haired boho bride wearing Grace Loves Lace or Free People sitting at these tables!

Holly explored four different looks for this shoot and we are sharing them all with you today. We personally love the first and third looks with the long wooden tables. This is most definitely something we could picture at a Wilderness Festival inspired wedding.

Holly talks us through each look…..

Little Flowers and Lots of Foilage….

When we scour through the pages of pinterest us brits are constantly bombarded with beautiful imagery of Californian style. Weddings with perfect weather in romantic gardens, long wooden tables with endless garlands that spill over the edge of the tables and drape effortlessly onto the floor. The style is simple and elegant with little flowers and lots of foliage in soft muted tones. So we wanted to create our own version of this. Set in the English countryside, we set up the long wooden trestle table from Coordination Catering Hire and went for soft peach linens, white crockery and cutlery. Holly Cadogan Flowers created a long garland in soft greens and grey tones using a variety of eucalyptus. To add that extra colour we placed a few touches of pink bombastic spray roses to add to the country garden vibe.

2016-08-16_0001 _V8A1957 _V8A1959 _V8A1961 2016-08-16_0002 _V8A1973 _V8A1975 _V8A1996 _V8A1998 _V8A2003 _V8A2012 _V8A2017 _V8A2021 _V8A2026 _V8A2031 _V8A2064

Grey Linens, Smokey Tumblers and Simple Crockery….

Not only does the Californian style work with rectangle table, we wanted to show that a long garland could also create a stunning centerpiece for a round table too. Using muted tones we accessorised with grey linens, smokey tumblers and simple crockery. To increase the overall elegance of the look we added a table top mirror which added light and romance reflecting the light from the hurricane lanterns and added depth by mirroring the foliage. A single white rose was placed on each table setting as a finishing touch.

_V8A2284 _V8A2293_V8A2286 _V8A2296 _V8A2314 _V8A2352 _V8A2362

Mixed Colour Palettes….

Look into using a mixed palette of colours rather than one set colour scheme. We wanted to show that a collection of tones and shades can really contrast well together as you can see with the grey linens and maroon flowers and the green tablecloths against the peach napkins. Adding those gorgeous finishing touches like a single flower to each place setting enhances the romance of the room. Sometimes it’s the smallest details which make the biggest impact. A small gathering of foliages hung from the side of a chair adds to the rustic beauty and again links back to the elegance of Californian style.

2016-08-16_0003 _V8A2073 _V8A2076 _V8A2080 _V8A2086 _V8A2088 _V8A2103 _V8A2111 _V8A2118 _V8A2141 _V8A2146 _V8A2174 _V8A2181 _V8A2182 _V8A2188 _V8A2218 _V8A2227 _V8A2364 _V8A2365 _V8A2391 2016-08-16_0004 _V8A2405 _V8A2423 _V8A2429

Cross Back Chairs….

These beautiful wooden crossback chairs are a new addition to Co-ordinations collection of furniture hire and are the ultimate essence of American style. In a dark wood these chairs compliment any style of table. Holly Cadogan Flower decorated these with flowers for the Bride and Groom and The Chalk Spot supplied the wooden Mr & Mrs signs which worked a charm.

2016-08-16_0005 _V8A2521 _V8A2530 _V8A2558

The Line Up

Photography: Foto Memories
Concept, Styling & Flowers: Holly Cadogan Flowers
Furniture, Crockery & Linens: Coordination Catering Hire
Mr & Mrs Signs: The Chalk Spot

If you have been inspired by this shoot and would like to check out more wedding inspiration where green foliage has been used, please check out our White on White Inspiration Shoot. It includes an amazing green foliage chandelier!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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