I have never been one for really looking after my skin. Apart from using a daily face wash and moisturiser, I’ve been too lazy to cleanse, tone or do anything else! It wasn’t until it was 3 months before the wedding and I started to think about how I’d like my make up to look that I started to pay more attention to my skin and noticed how tired it looked, how uneven my skin tone was and most of all how enlarged my pores had become.

So after my initial depression in the realisation that I really was 30, I decided to get on the case and do some research into miracle creams that might give my skin a little boost in time for the wedding. What I found was this little beauty of a cream.

skin doctors gamma hydroxy

Described as being ‘a new generation in cosmetic skin resurfacing for the best results possible without a chemical peel’ Gamma Hydroxy cream from Skin Doctors is a miracle worker! It was recommended to a friend and I have been using it morning and night, for about 2 months now and my skin has never been so better.

Now I know that reviews on products like this can be very hit and miss and I am the first to be skeptical when someone raves about a cream that sounds too good to be true but this cream really is that good! My skin is noticeably brighter, more evenly toned, my trouble areas where I usually get spots are almost clear and my pores have reduced! It really is a wonder cream.

The only downside is that it is £45 for 50ml but in my opinion it has been money well spent especially as the results for me have been so good.

So if you are looking for a little skin pick me up then definitely get yourself some of this amazing cream. It’s available to buy from Amazon or Skindoctors.co.uk

So do you have any suggestions for miracle creams? Please comment and let us know as we would love to share them on the blog.

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