This has to be the best idea we have seen at Festival Brides – A stunning chapel on wheels!!

Designed for this years Boomtown Festival, Sistine Gears delighted festival goers with on board Dj’s and all night dancing……

A Unique Mobile Venue

The Sistine Gears Holy Roly is a self-contained art lorry, built in the form of a two story fairy-tale church. Equipped with a DJ booth, sound system and disco lighting for an unusual and delighting pop-up event. The coolest thing we have ever seen….!!!

Licensed for road travel, this detailed and intimate moving church can arrive at any location and lower its steps to the public. The second story balcony is accessible by a flying staircase, entered from inside the venue, allowing for a VIP’s private, open-air lounge with stunning views of the surroundings.

The Holy Roly is the perfect pop-up venue for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, private parties, children’s parties, work-shops & theatre, Christmas market, Fresher’s events, carnival float or promotional stand.

Ruby SoHo is Sistine Gear’s Artistic Director

Wildly creative and passionate about building unique and inspiring installations. Ruby has a background in teaching, fine art, sculpture, production and build management. Her knowledge and experience of a wide range of production techniques (welding, set build, carpentry, fibreglass, mold making & construction and set painting & design) allow her to work across a range of disciplines to produce utterly unique fantastical creations.

What you need to know:

Standard event hire includes delivery, set up and three stewards. The venue can be re-dressed to suit any occasion. Please contact Sistine Gears for a wuote (Prices start from £800) – Capacity: Inside x 30, Balcony x 10, Outside x 200.

Ruby: 07796462667


Wedding beauty on its way!

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