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With never ending options of entertainment for your wedding ceremony these days, just how do you shortlist your source of music?! Maybe you are a lover of indie tunes and your boyfriend more of a techno junkie – so just how do you find the right compromise? SILENT DISCO of course! One of my most memorable nights of student life was the silent disco… between the haze caused by too many snakebites, I distinctively remember all the fun I had stumbling around and throwing some god awful shapes to The Killers alongside my flat mates. The fun was endless!

So what exactly is a silent disco? Each guest at your ceremony wears a pair of wireless headphones upon which they gain control of the music. With various DJ sets streaming to the headphones, guests can decide which set they want to listen to, for how long and most importantly how loud…turn up the jams!

From an events planning prospective, this option is particularly handy if you’re finding it difficult to get a late night license to play music outdoors. However, having said that we can’t promise that you and your bridal party won’t be belting out your all time faves at the top of your lungs…..!


The greatest beauty of a silent disco is that you can have different genres of music playing on different stations at the same time. So whereas you and your best friend may be shaking your booty to Beyonce, your Grandma may be the other side of the field listening to Sinatra!

Silent Noize, based in Birmingham, has years of experience hosting silent discos. The company provides a system which allows you to listen to up to 3 DJ’s playing at the same time under one roof. Marvelous!

Where does the music come from? You have two options. You can either hire your DJ’s from Silent Noize who have a large portfolio of acts to choose from, or provide your own music.

Yay customization… love it! Simply create various playlists of different genres, plug into Silent Noize transmitters and away you go! Easy peasy. Only you and your partner really know your crowd. You’re the ones who understand which music will get the party going. Create playlists which have something for everyone, and be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

For an intimate guest list of only 50 guests you will be charged £130 (providing your own music). Further prices and packages can be found on the Silent Noize website.


Silent Disco King is one for all you readers down south. Having hosted silent discos at various UK festivals including Isle of Wight and Glastonbury its safe to say that these guys know how to create an amazing atmosphere. Call them now on 0207 0603 653 for a quote.

Our last pick of the day is The Silent Club based in Kent. I lit up with joy when I found that The Silent Club headphones include a unique LED light near the controls!! There’s no more struggling to find the right button as you boogie late into the night! Perfect for outdoor events. For more information on headset hire check out their website.

If any of you decide on a silent disco as alternative wedding entertainment, then don’t be afraid to get in touch……we would love to feature you on our blog!

So don’t scare away the birds, opt for a Silent Disco!

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Festival Brides xx


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