You guys, I think these sparkle update posts are some of my favourites to research and write for you! Here at Festival Brides, in true festival style, we are OBSESSED with all things glitter related. Not least, of course, our ever-present desire to sprinkle that stuff all over our faces! Every year I find myself wondering what on earth the festival world could possibly come up with next on the glitter beauty front, and every year they never fail to disappoint!

So! Without further ado, (because I’m sure you’re all champing at the bit to get your sparkle fix!) let’s dive into 2017’s summer sparkle trends, getting you festival ready and as plenty of inspiration for those planning a glitter bar for their hen party or festival wedding!

Look #1 | Glistening Freckles

Y’all know that 2016/2017 has been the season of the fake freckle. The beauty world has had us all dotting tiny little freckles all over our flawless foundation in a bid to get that ‘natural beauty’ vibe going on… (I’m laughing at myself as I say that too!)

Well, the freckles don’t stop there, babes! The glitter freckle is set to be a firm favourite for festival season this summer! From sprinkles of loose glitter to carefully placed star sequins, make sure all the places that would naturally catch the sun and freckle are glistening with sparkles for Summer ’17!

Look #2 | Brush-through Sparkle

All you festival-goers will know that last year was the summer of the glitter roots, i.e. inordinate amounts of glitter sprinkled down the partings of carefully braided locks. It was divine, but a pretty intense look.

Well, this year we’re seeing something a little more subtle, with a little less hair gel, and I couldn’t possibly love it anymore! Hair gurus across the globe are starting to create this beautiful ‘brushed-through’ effect using star sequins, gold/silver leaf and chunky glitter.

The effect? A sparse and subtle distribution of shimmering pieces throughout perfectly soft, tousled locks.

We are IN. LOVE.

Of course, the glitter roots are still pretty huge for this year too! So if you’re looking to rock an up do, go right on ahead and sprinkle some of the good stuff down your parting! I mean, how irresistible is that flower sequin mix?!

Look #3 | Updated Eyes

Since festival makeup became a thing, the eyes have always been a focal point, and this year’s no exception to that rule!

A beautiful way for a bride and her maids to really festival-up their evening look, we’ve hunted down some of the best looks for 2017. There’s still a real air of 90s nostalgia buzzing around in the fashion world, so expect nice chunky-cut glitter, with a hint of the 70s too as we see a wonderfully hippy rainbow theme come through!

That said, as with the hair glitter trend, we’re also seeing plenty of more subtle looks predominate for Summer ’17. With glitter delicately combed through the lashes and brows, or a single dab under the lower lash… However you go about it, we’re loving the the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter Liquid Eyeshadows, as well as the NYX Glitter Primer combined with the Violet Voss Sophisticated and Super Sparkles!

Look #4 | Décolletage Details

With the rise of off-shoulder tops and dresses for 2017, the festival world has taken the opportunity to adorn any extra bare skin with… (You guessed it) …MORE GLITTER!

Whether you go for a subtle smattering of gold glitter, or tiny silver stars, or take @itsinyourdreams lead and go for a striking glitter choker, the décolletage is a super feminine aspect of our bodies… So what better place to highlight with a bit of sparkle?!

Collar bones + glitter is just a match made in heaven!

Look #5 | Celestial Focus


From fashion to interior, designers seem to be looking to the stars for their inspiration right now! So naturally, one of our top trends for 2017 festival makeup is the celestial focus.

Gold luna temporary tattoos, like these by Flash Tattoos, placed neatly between the brows, combined with oversized star sequins… Swoonsville. This is a firm ‘must do’ look for our ’17 festival season!

Look #6 | Starry Smile

And finally, with a hefty nod to the 90s, the glitter pout is right on trend for this year.

There are so many ways to go about this look, depending on the degree of sparkle you’re going for (and how much you wanna eat that day!).

From the simple Dr PawPaw + loose glitter combo (which, while stunning in effect, can wear off and get a little messy over time on the lips), to a more durable adhesive such as Beauty Bakerie’s Sprinkles Glue, or a simple glitter lip gloss for a more subtle (very millennial) looking sparkle, such as any of the Poppin Hoez super nostalgic glosses!

And SIGH. The love for glitter runs deep with us!

Are y’all ready to get your glitter on this festival season?! What are you favourite looks? Or maybe you’re planning a glitter bar for your evening reception? Tell us in the comments below – we’re always game for chatting all things sparkle!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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