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Good morning! I hope y’all are having an ace week and you’re ready for some seriously trend setting inspo this morning! Today I’m kinda like the ghost of Christmas past, in that I’m talking to you from last Saturday (when I wrote this post) as I’m currently on my first anni-moon! More on that in the weeks to come!

Back to today’s agenda: let’s talk about the incredible ancient art of Shibori!



So, a brief history of Shibori from the oh-so-helpful Need Supply Co.

“Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of resist-dyeing cloth to make a pattern by binding, folding, twisting and compressing, from the verb root ‘Shiboru’ meaning to wring, squeeze, press. There are an infinite number of ways to manipulate fabric for Shibori, each way resulting in different resist designs and patterns.

Various forms of resist-dyeing techniques have been used all over the world for centuries, but no culture has perfected it quite like the Japanese. In Japan, the earliest known example of cloth dyed with a Shibori technique dates from the 8th century. Natural indigo dye was primarily used on fabrics like silk, cotton or hemp. The end results are random patterns than can be tight and geometric or loose and free-flowing.”

So, yes, we’re talking tie-dye, but wait! Don’t be so quick to leave! We’re talking ancient, deep indigos, perfect for an indian summer wedding… No day-glo hues in sight, I promise! This is classy tie-dye.

Hang Your Shibori

So, this elopement via Green Wedding Shoes is just EVERYTHING. I mean, elopements are so on point anyway right now, like, seriously cool, but add to that a good dose of sheer fabric, delicately dyed in the traditional Shibori style, swagged across the ceremony space and I. Am. Sold.

But seriously though, swoon…





As the Antro blog so eloquently expresses,:‘Shibori dyeing yields simply beautiful, utterly one-of-a-kind results’ …What more could you hope for as your wedding decor? Simply beautiful, dyed pieces hung simply on the walls of your venue, or the trees of you woodland, and you can gurantee that no other wedding will look like yours…



12…What could be better? A healthy dose of free-spirited tie-dye, with an elegant, eastern twist. Is it obvious I’m besotted?!

Eat With Shibori

Ask Anthro, ask Etsy, take one look at Pinterest and you’ll see that Shibori tableware is just the hottest thang right now! Changing the perception of tie-dye are heavy woven Shibori napkins, DIY table runners or if you’re going for a casj style reception, beautifully dyed picnic blankets. Pair with fresh white crockery and battered reclaimed wood to really feel the depth of the indigo.





1I mean! Those Anthro napkins are just everything, and against the crisp white of your gown, they’re gonna look incredible.

Send Shibori

So, obviously tie-dying your invitations is kinda off the agenda (…unless you go for screen printed, fabric invites… then we’re talking!) but Shibori inspired designs are just starting to creep into the stationery world. With their flowing shapes and deep colours, in contrast with clean, white fonts or fresh geometric designs, these deep shades of Shibori bring waves to mind with their deep oceanic blue rippling in the setting sunlight, on a late summer evening…


14 and 15Left: Spindle Photography  Right: Pinterest

6They’re just a step on from the watercolour designs we’ve been seeing, aren’t they? The array of shapes inspired by the various traditional Japanese techniques give the designs such life, movement and true individuality.


May advice? If you’re gonna make sure you’re seen in anything, or using anything, this September make sure it’s Shibori.

Peace + Love,

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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