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This trend is standout; boho and so devil-may-care, we LOVE it! Set to be a huge fashion trend throughout 2014, both within the wedding sector and further afield, separates are the go to style for a laid back bridal look. Now, if you’d said this to me back when I was going through the motions of planning our wedding, I would’ve most likely raised one very sceptical eyebrow and fervently shaken my head saying ‘It has to be a dress, it simply has to be a dress’. However, my research into this trend has firmly shifted my perspective and I can confirm I’m now wholly in support of the unconventional separates – also quickly becoming known as the ‘two-piece gown’. I like that last phrase, I keep seeing it crop up and I’m pretty certain it was one of turning points in how I thought of this style. Call me fickle, but doesn’t the phrase ‘two-piece gown’ just sound a little more elegant? The separate pieces that are coming through in the world of bridal fashion are simply stunning, and no less striking than any gown I’ve come across this season.

I think my initial scepticism stemmed from a desire for bridal looks to be seamless and flowing. My uncertainty reared itself in concerns around unity between the top and bottom pieces, and that somehow, the look wouldn’t quite embody the boho-chic look we all strive to achieve. I genuinely couldn’t have been more wrong and I stand well and truly corrected. Some of Festival Brides favourite wedding dress designers are delivering some incredible ensembles for this season and I’m SO psyched to show you the divinely hippie, boho-chic and effortlessly cool looks you can create with their pieces. After all, why buy one wedding garment, when you could have two?!

BO 2

Image Credit: Bo and Luca

First up is Bo and Luca’s nod to the separates trend: Montego Bay. Straight up, undeniable luxury, the entire ensemble is 100% off-white silk satin; I can only dream of how beautiful that must feel! The camisole is hand embellished with stones, sequins and crystals all in shades of metallic silver, arranged in an intricate, bohemian design. To match, Bo and Luca have created a maxi skirt, with a medium length train and they’ve heavily embellished the waist with a deep matching silver stoned band. It’s simply stunning, all the drama of a single piece gown, and then some! The loose fit of the camisole perfectly compliments the fitted silhouette of the skirt, accenting all the right areas and while maintaining that laid back focus. It’s boho, but it’s clean-cut elegant too. Major props to Bo and Luca, you’ve nailed it – we’re in love!

BO 1 BO 3

Image Credit Bo and Luca

Now, how could I possibly write a post on alternative bridal garments and not mention the 8th wonder of the world, aka the totally rad Mara Hoffman. So if you ladies haven’t already, you need to check out Hoffman’s Ceremonial collection. Following her stunning alternative design for buddy Pamela Love’s wedding, Hoffman released her first ever line of ready-to-wear wedding gowns, and my gosh they’re the personification of the festival bride. Ever the edgy designer, naturally Hoffman has created a two-piece for this season. Prepare your eyes ladies…

MH 1+2

Imange Credit: Mara Hoffman

This is the Artemis ensemble. A little more structured than the previous example, the Artemis ensemble comprises a silk, strapless bustier with a fully lined skirt. Heavy on the beading but in light natural shades of taupe; this pairing is stunning without being sparkly. The heaving beading at the waist of skirt forms a flattering shape, with a knee-height split at either side, revealing a little leg with a swoosh of that glorious skirt. This set really is the epitome of the phrase ‘two-piece gown.’ Only with a peep of your gorgeous bare waist will guests actually realise you’re wearing separates, but that all important glimpse adds a whole other level of bohemian beauty; it’s subtle, but it rocks. You can always rely on Mara for something earth shatteringly cool.

MH 3

Image Credit: Mara Hoffman

Laced, sleeved and effortlessly edgy is how Daughters of Simone have approached this trend and, as you’d expect, they’ve gone and aced it! Whether you choose the shorter sleeve of the Caterina ensemble or the longer Gwen sleeve, both tops are lace covered and finished with a delicate, on trend ‘eyelash’ lace on the hems and sleeves, giving the sleeves and lower hem of the tops a distinctive gentle, intricate finish. Perfectly soft in design, this modern take on the bohemian maxi would be just perfect for a sunshine filled meadow wedding. Daughters of Simone label them ‘Crop top(s) for a daring bride’; we challenge you to be that bride!

DoS 2 DoS 3

Image Credit: Daughters of Simone – Top: Caterina Bottom: Gwen

So, if I’ve done my job and managed to convince you that this trend is everything for 2014, but you’re just not too sure about baring your midriff, the babes that are Stone Cold Fox have got your back. Their version of the two-piece is subtle, slightly sheer, but allows for tummy coverage and, of course, it’s incredible.


Image Credit: The Stone Cold Fox 

Totally different again to the looks I’ve previously shown you (I hope you’re loving the unpredictable variation as much as I am?!) Stone Cold Fox have totally nailed it with this drop-should version of the two-piece gown. A delicate overlap of the crocheted-style peplum top makes for a covered tummy, while embracing the separates trend and baring a whole lot of beautiful, sultry décolletage; could it be any sexier? Pair this show-stopping boho top, with a simple, form fitting skirt for the perfect contrast, that says ‘Yes, I’m wearing two pieces and yes, they’re perfectly juxtaposed. Deal with it!’


Image Credit: The Stone Cold Fox

However, if you fancy something a little more ‘Tea Party’ in length, this little Candela set via Bona Drag is parfait! The ‘Lace Jack’ skirt is lightly pleated through the length, featuring a delicate lace panel through the mid-length. The lining of the skirt falls a little shorter than the sheer top layer, leaving the bottom beautifully sheer. The ‘Lace Crawley’ top features super flattering and feminine ¾ length sleeves, and as with the Daughters of Simone tops, Candela have employed delicate eyelash lace to detail the gorgeous scalloped hemlines. And for the thrifty, economical bride, can we just take a second to appreciate how ace that little top would look over some black skinnies post-wedding!? Two birds, one stone and all that!


Image Credit: Bona Drag 

LdS 1 LdS 1a

Image Credit: Top (Pagnol) and Skirt (Tourneur) both from Laure De Sagazan Paris

LdS 2 LdS 2a

Image Credit: Top (Attar) and Skirt (Fayette) both from Laure De Sagazan Paris

Finally, if you want to know exactly what’s going to be in vogue in the world of bridal fashion, Laure de Sagazan is a pretty sure fire way to find out. This sleek Parisian designer bucks every imaginable trend, creating a line of breezy bohemian pieces with a serious rock and roll edge. Sagazan screws all those overly frilly, traditional bridal look and instead produces effortlessly stylish, ridiculously cool ensembles; needless to say, she’s a huge fan of the two-piece. I don’t think I need say anything more…

LdS 3

Image Credit: Top (Scott) and Skirt (Beaumarchais) both from Laure De Sagazan Paris

LdS 4

Image Credit: Top (Bruyere) and Skirt (Anderson) both from Laure De Sagazan Paris

LdS 5 LdS 5a

Image Credit: Vest (Austin) Top (Daudet) and Skirt (Fayette) all from Laure De Sagazan Paris

Now, if Laure De Sagazan hasn’t persuaded you girls to hit up a two-piece gown, I don’t think anyone will! Embrace flexibility, truly alternative and that little peep of bare skin and wear separates! Two is the new one, and you, my festival brides, should definitely be the ones leading the way for this trend!

Much Love

Clare xx


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