We have such a gorgeous gypsy inspired bridal shoot to share with you all today that is rich in colour and rich in gypsy bohemian wedding inspiration.

Inspired by the Provence region and ethnic countries such as India, Spain and Morocco, cake artisan French Made, photographer Bodart Studio and wedding florist La Fabrique d’étoiles filantes wanted to create a shoot that infused different aspects of gypsy culture into one diverse bridal look and the result is really quite inspiring.

We love the gorgeous colours in this shoot, from the flowers to the cakes, everything just works so beautifully together and you can see the ethnic influences through the decor and styling of the bride. She most certainly has a Spanish vibe about her and the Elsa Gary dresses are perfectly suited to the gypsy chic styling.

Look out for the awesome gypsy caravans from La boutique de Jeanne and the amazing cakes by French Made. They are so very pretty and so very edible!

Lauren from French Made talks us through the shoot.

When Provence Met The Orient….

Same time last year, Artur from Bodart studio, Aude from La Fabrique d’étoiles filantes and myself successfully collaborated on a cool vintage rustic Provence inspired photoshoot so I could not wait to go back to Marseille, my home town to do it again!

On this one, Provence is still a strong inspiration but this time we wanted to open up onto new horizons by adding ethnic influences such as a bit of India, a pinch of Gypsy Spain and a tad of Morocco, which makes our region so beautifully diverse.

La boutique de Jeanne with it’s huge range of boho inspired furniture and decorations as well as its elegant old-fashioned caravans parked outside the shop was THE perfect location for it. As well as being a stylist and an interior designer, Jeanne has a passion for cooking. In her book called ‘La cuisine des amis en Provence’ she reinvented some Traditional dishes from Provence by adding spicy flavours that she brought back from her travelling. So suited to the theme of our shoot!

gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0001-(1) gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0002 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0003 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0005 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0009 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0011 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0014 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0016 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0018 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0019

La Fabrique d’étoiles filantes brought such a lovely array of very colourful blooms such as sunflowers, burgundy carnations and red roses. Alexia, our Franco-Spanish gorgeous model wore two amazing dresses by Elsa Gary’s new collection. Beyond Vintage designed some cool gypsy inspired invites, I, Lauren from French Made created two cakes, a semi-naked single tier with a touch of red, decorated with delicious bespoke Calissons – Traditional sweets from Aix-En-Provence by Déclaration Gourmande and another two-tiered one, very colourful, wrapped in different patterns printed on rice paper. And last but not least, the whole thing was captured by our super talented photographer, Artur from Bodart Studio.

gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0023 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0029 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0038 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0040 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0044 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0052 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0057 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0066 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0070 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0074 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0076 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0082 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0084 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0085 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0086 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0089 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0090 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0091 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0092 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0095 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0105 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0106 gipsy_chic_french_made_bodartstudio_0107

The Line Up

Venue: La Boutique Ede Jeanne & Les Verdines
Photography & Styling: Bodart Studio
Styling: French Made
Flowers: La Fabrique d’étoiles Filantes
Dresses: Elsa Gary
Stationery: Beyond Vintage
Cakes: French Made
Calissons: Déclaration Gourmande


Wedding beauty on its way!

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