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I have been planning this post for a while now, gathering images of beautifully painted faces and learning about the reasons behind the colour!! I experienced the Holi festival whilst in Goa, also known as the Festival of Colour. The festival has many purposes. First and foremost, it celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring. It also has a religious purpose, commemorating many events that are present in Hindu mythology. Although it is the least religious holiday, it is probably one of the most exhilarating ones in existence. During this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw coloured powder at each other, and celebrate wildly!!

I have to say it was the most fun I have had in a long time..covered head to toe in orange, purple, blue and yellow powder and pigment.. I totally think we should be celebrating with colour more in the UK (Watch out for more colour posts soon!!) I think I’ve gone a little colour mad….

Anyhow I think the idea of using colour on your face and body could be a great alternative to the traditional pink lipstick and a little rouge on the cheek!! Now I’m not suggesting you adorn your clown outfit and wear your red nose, but subtle body art could really make your festival wedding very expressive and unique. Take a look at some of the inspiration below….

Source: via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

Choose from pretty flowers around the eye or accentuated lines and dots. Metallic and foil decoration can also be really pretty and effective…


Tribal or Cultural Face Painting has been used for many motives. For hunting, religious reasons, and military reasons (mainly as a method of camouflaging) or to scare ones enemy. Decorating one’s face in various patterns and shapes has been a part of the cultural make-up of many societies since the beginning of time. Face painting is a common theme across cultures – In Native American Tribes, Face Painting has been used for artistic expression since ancient times. The art of transforming ourselves with make-up and masks is a universal phenomenon. Before we sought to vent our artistic impulse on a cave wall, we painted on our faces and bodies. So it seems to be a very expressive art form, perfect for a ceremony of religious or humanistic belief – Perfect for a Festival Wedding!!


So whether you want to through pots of paint over your partner and guests or opt for a few pretty coloured dots around your eye, be sure to look into a spot of face painting for your festival wedding.. Even if you just leave it for the kid – Should keep them amused for at least an hour!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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