TitleAaaand it’s finally Friday!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am on my third coffee and my second chocolate brownie today and the weekend cannot come quick enough! To get this weekend off to a killer start, we thought it’d be ace to share some of our favourite bridal designers, set to rock 2016.

From France to Tel Aviv, from dark ethereal to kooky feminine, we’ve got a designer for every kind of festival bride and so without any further ado (because I am literally champing the bit to get started!) let’s kick things off with potentially my new favourite bridal designer, like, ever

French Cool: Donatelle Godart

Ok, so y’all know that in some other life I was Parisienne, or at least, I hope I was! It therefore probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that we’re starting our little bridal style journey in France, with Donatelle Godart.

I was absolutely captivated when I first saw the shots from her lookbook: hazy, dreamy, natural and just effortlessly cool… An exact reflection of her dresses.

You’ll find poetic shapes, inspired by the likes of Jane Birkin, in fluid silk and lace. They’re fresh, feminine and just everything an it-girl boho bride could want in her gown.




DG1I mean, just take me there.

I can’t even begin to choose a favourite, although ‘A Clear Midnight’ and ‘Song at Sunset’ are STRONG contenders, but, let’s be real here, they’re all strong contenders!

Bohemian Elegance: Lihi Hod

Our next stop is Israel, where designer Lihi Hod (who’s worked with Dior and John Galliano, just, yah know, FYI!) has had our jaws on the floor since the moment we laid eyes on her 2016 collection.

From the ultimate in long-sleeved backless elegance, to short numbers with playfully feathered skirts, Lihi’s collection is ticking all our boho boxes (feathered, backless, embellished, cropped tops… They’re all there!) but with a timeless and super feminine vibe that we really dig.





LH3Lihi’s gowns just speak a language entirely of their own.

No addition adornments needed and you could skip the fancy updo if you’d rather leave your tresses au naturale and you’d still look an absolute goddess in a Lihi gown!

Dark & Ethereal: Odylene the Ceremony

We discovered this incredible brand in the latter part of 2015 and were simply blown away. I’ll let them tell you about their Romantics Collection, as they do it oh-so well!

“With an ethereal and free-spirited approach to bridal, the first collection is simply called: The Romantics Collection. Each of the dresses embody the deep emotion, sensibility and beauty of the life and art from the 1800’s. Our collections tie in the feelings of the traditional foundations of marriage to the exotic and unfamiliar, while harnessing the power of the imagination to envision and to escape. The ethereal element is ever present in each style with a twist of romance and deep appreciation of all the delicate moments of the ceremony.  

We have a simple mission. To create a dream like state in reality of the strong expectations that you may have on one of the most special days of your life. We believe there are so many literal details of the day you say ‘I do.’ There are so many aspects of your wedding day that are bold and bright and in your face. We want to focus on the undertones of everything else. The undertones that are there but are more part of the senses that come to you in a memory in the way a butterfly lands on a flower. The ceremony is curated for the bride that understands that the standards are meant to be pushed, and the limits should feel endless. Nothing is more spiritual that the day you stand before everyone and ‘I do.’ We want to share in that part of your world and bring out the ethereal moments that exist. In our ethereal sphere there lies no reasoning, no typicality, no explanations, no realism, no comparisons, nothing ordinary, and no normalcy. Our mission is to help you leave all of those things behind.”






OC5aInspired, aren’t they?

Just everything about this incredible brand resonates with us, from the Ceremony’s ethos to the dreamy designs themselves, they’re a full embodiment of the free-spirited and that’s something we can really get on board with!

Kooky & Feminine: Maison Floret

Taking a return flight back to France to meet this über fun bridal brand, Maison Floret.

Now if you’re looking for something totally alternative, something you’ve never seen another bride wear, without losing that ‘bridal’ feel or going too far out, Maison Floret is the brand you’ve been dreaming of!

With plenty of top and skirt combinations (although don’t expect to find all crop tops) this brand oozes casual chic. You’ll find delicate ruffles of chiffon on a dropped waist gown, exquisite little knits (à la Olivia Palermo) paired with slender skirts and the occasional stand out piece, like that incredible wool cape!






It’s alternative, but, in true French girl style, it’s beautifully underplayed. Maison Floret, you have our hearts!

High End Folk: Yolan Cris

Ohhh my. We have been LOV-ING Barcelona’s bridal brand, Yolan Cris, for quite some time now, but when they released they 2016 Boho Folk line everything stopped.

Replying to emails, sipping my coffee, maybe even my heart for a moment! EVERYTHING stopped!

With their 70s inspired silhouettes, luxuriously sheer materials and major folksy vibes, Yolan Cris are making dreams come true with this collection.

It’s just the perfect blend of bohemian character and luxe style.






YC4aThe silhouettes these guys create are just magic.

They’re daring and elusive with a clean modern edge, while still expressing the relaxed bohemian depth we know and love!

Ooph, Yolan Cris! Y’all are inspiring!

American It-Girl: Houghton NYC

Our next stop is NYC.

I mean, of course, we had to take a stop there, and for none other than the ultimate it-girl brand, Houghton.

If you’re looking for edgy, SUPER fresh bridal designs that are pushing boundaries and challenging tradition (hell, they’re throwing tradition straight out the window!) while remaining super chill about it all and looking hella gorgeous, Houghton is the brand for you guys!

My personal fave has always been their Galina gown, (below) and I don’t think that’s about to change, but these guys are constantly creating the most incredible new shapes, employing materials you wouldn’t expect (the fringing, OH the fringing!) and just stepping outside of that ‘bridal’ box.







H2Show stoppers, aren’t they?!

Like, Houghton create gowns that go down in history, guys!

Delicate Goddess: Mira Zwilinger

Staying in the US for our final designer, Mira Zwilinger‘s 2016 Stardust collection is delivering on the fantasy gown front for all you dreamers out there.

This is fairytale at its absolute finest.

It’s sparkle, it’s elaborate, it’s glittering and celestial. In her words, “it’s a celebration of divine femininity”.





MZ1The stuff dreams are made on, no?!

So, that concludes our 2016 Bridal Designers to watch! I mean, hear me right here, there’s nothing at all definite about this list, these guys are just a handful of all the incredible designers we know/love/enjoy, but their collections have pressed some very specific buttons for us so far this year, so we just had to share!

Which bridal designers have you guys been loving? Do you have a favourite collection or bridal look for 2016 already? Let us know in the comments below – we love hearing what you guys think!

In the meantime, have a beaut weekend and we’ll see you on the flip side.

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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