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St Germain + its Accompliments

You might have seen a mention of this glorious liqueur on our Instagram feed, yes we’re bringing it up again – it’s THAT glorious. I think I’ll let it tell its own beautiful story: stgermain

‘In the foothills of the Alps, for but a few fleeting spring days, this man will gather wild blossoms for your cocktail. The blossoms in question are elderflowers, the man un bohemien, and the cocktail a stylishly simple creation made with St-Germain, the first liqueur in the world made in the artisanal French manner from freshly hand-picked elderflower blossom. Our story, however, does not end there. After gently ushering the wild blooms into sacks and descending the hillside, the man who gathers blossoms for your cocktail will then mount a bicycle and carefully ride the umbels of starry white flowers to the local market. Vraiment. There are no more than 40 or 50 men such as he, and in a matter of days they will have gathered and bicycled to us the entirely of what will become St-Germain for that year.’

…and you can get some engraved steel cocktail straws and a recipe book to go with it too!

Mmmmm time for a drink me thinks!

Have a lovely Saturday peeps.

Big Love,

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