2Good afternoon, shiny happy people!

I hope it’s warm where you guys are and you’re having a rad day. If you aren’t, then boy are we gonna cheer you up with today’s blogging prettiness, and if you are whelp today is just getting better and better! Today, we’re pinning down the money shot. No literally, our Pinterest feed is awash with photography inspo right now!

We’re gonna walk y’all through 3 of the hottest photography trends for 2015 weddings that’ll work for any couple and any location! Now, this isn’t just about being a sheep and following trends wherever they might lead, the three trends we’ve chosen to showcase to you guys today fulfil three important criteria:

one: they’re all insanely beautiful (let’s be real, that’s what we’re all here for)

two: they all create a real tangible sense of atmosphere and perspective

three: they’re timeless, these shot are not gonna date

Shall we get rolling? Prepare your eyes to be wowed!

The Bigger Picture

Oh man, this is our FAVOURITE photography trend of the moment. Hands down. Amen. Thanks, we’ll see you next year.

No really, THAT good.

The concept (on face value, to the untrained eye) is a landscape shot with the subject (be that bride and groom, or just a singular subject) still as the main focus, but appearing really rather tiny in the foreground. Like I said, I ain’t no photographer, so excuse the candid description and let’s just get one of favourite photographers, James Frost, to show you how it’s done…

(That guy NAILS this shot, every dang time!)

13456See what I’m saying?!

I just can’t. Those shots are EPIC.

We absolutely adore the sense of perspective this style implores; it’s humbling, isn’t it? A sense of two souls colliding, in this big wide world and coming together. Beautiful.

They’re awe-inspiring and whether it be a freakin’ mountain in the distance, a big ol’ tree or simply a beautiful sunset, letting Mother Nature do her thing in the background is a seriously rad idea.


We heart that ‘Bigger Picture’ moment. They’d make a beautiful choice to frame in your home, post wedding too. A slightly more subtle addition to your lounge walls.

Layered Love

Ohhhhhh my gosh, you guys. This is SUCH a dreamy trend.

It all started when this stunning portrait appeared before my eyes. Shot by Paige Jones, I was jaw-hit-floor obsessed as soon as I saw it…

16I die. Seriously.

Double exposure is beyond big this year with wedding photographers, and we think it perfectly encapsulates that dreamy, hedonistic vibe that your wedding day possesses.

A hazy mirage, these shots bring life to those beautifully blurry memories of your whirlwind day.

1517181920212223They capture those fleeting moments coming and passing, as well as making the most beautiful of portraits, especially of a bride, layered with a shot of her bouquet.

No they’re not the norm, and that’s precisely why we love them.

Monochrome Moments

Last but not least in today’s trio, are moments of intimacy between lovers, shot in black and white.

I can hear you now,

‘What’s so new about that?’

Precisely nothing, but it will forever be one of our favourites. It’s the PDA shot, but it’s got class, it’s a little moody (in an effortlessly cool way) and it’s understated.

A.k.a. it’s the Holy Grail of PDA photography.

24252627The monochrome really heightens the effect of light and shade, giving these beautiful moments real drama, and we are ALL about the drama.

These shots will never date. Timeless, effortless and hot damn, they’re sexy.

28293031323334And with that last (SUPER sweet) shot, we’re done! So, whoever you’ve booked as your photographer, wherever you’re set to wed and however shy you might feel in front of the camera, these shots are attainable and bang on trend for this year.

So, screen shot your faves and get chatting to your photographer!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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