11What up, dolls!

Before we kick off anythang else, can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer INSANITY of that opening photo?


Wide brimmed black wool hat, on a sweet little tilt-back angle? CHECK.

Totes gorgeous bell-sleeved boho goddess gown? Errrr CHECK!

Otherwise nude face with show-stopper cool white eyeliner? HOLY CRAP, YES.

Throw in a RADICULOUSLY luscious teased-out plait just for good measure? HELL YEAH SHE DID!

Ok, so now I’ve got over that (never, I’ll never get over that look!), on our agenda today? Hair styles for the anti-bride! Yes, you heard, every style you’d think wouldn’t be “wedding appropriate” (like, what does that phrase even mean?!) we’re giving you permission to consider TOTALLY appropriate.

So, open that beautiful mind of yours, let your free-spirited gut be your guide and rock one of these insanely good, off the cuff styles!

Hats off to her

Never seen a bride wear a wool hat before? Yah, me neither. But every time this happens to me, either I can’t find images for a concept I want to write about for y’all on Pinterest, or a little doubt creeps into my mind, like ‘there’s probably a reason why it hasn’t been done, Clare’, I have a mantra, courtesy of Lynn Dell, that goes a lil’ something like this:

Fashion says: “Me too”. Style says, “Only me”.

…If it hasn’t been done before, it’s a good thing and this little concept is on the very (and super stylish) edges of the bridal fashion world, a.k.a. Daughters of Simone. Their latest look book, The Mad Ones, will literally blow your mind. No seriously, don’t look if you can’t afford your entire day dreamin’ on it!

And, of course, it features one incredible little hat, which got me dreamin’…

3031 and 3 Left: Bloom  Right: Daughters of Simone

3213 What an incredible way to flick two Vs to a perfectly neat, traditional up do. No can do, we’d much rather rock a hat!

Bold + Blunt

OK, so I’m a huge advocate of the blunt cut. I don one myself, have done for about 3 years and although my length may be ever-changing, I get it blunt cut errrrrry damn time!

What am I chatting on about? By blunt cut, I simply mean no layers, nada, nothing! All my hair is the same length and is cut straight across to give it a super thick ‘just-cut’ feel.

Par exemple…

19 Hot right?! (That’s not me, just FYI. I wish!)

So, take this to a whole new level, and why not go a little shorter and get a freshly cut ‘lob’ just before your wedding?

Nothing says ‘edgy’ like a fresh, crisp blunt cut at that super-flattering, ever-cool ‘lob’ length.

(Flower crown’s totally optional, we love the lob as a stand alone piece!)

1 and 21 Left: Lolita Fantome  Right: A Minute Away From Snowing

25242 and 4Left: If You Seek Style  Right: Backspace Forward

And if you really want to go there, and surprise all your guests with a totally new look, either add a slightly too long fringe or, and I’m SERIOUSLY tempting myself as I type this, you could always go platinum blonde…

This crisp, insanely rock n’ roll colour is a major hit this autumn, paired with a faux fur over-coat, and you will be the epitome of free-spirited bride and TOTALLY owning it!


Minimal Effort Cool

So right about about now, I’d imagine your brain is being bombarded with thoughts.

First, there are the ‘Hell yeah, girl’ moments, where your free-spirited gut takes control and you’re all like ‘Eff yeah! I can be that effortlessly cool “I-just-rocked-up-like-this” bride’.

Then, yup here they are, then come the doubts, the ‘But I might regret it in 20 years time’ followed by a rather lengthy chorus of: ‘His great aunt Myrtle be all like “oh dear god, Dan’s marrying some dishevelled hippy!”…Maybe I should just go for a Plastics-esq loose curl, like all the other brides I’ve seen’.

…Well girl, I’m here to tell you you need to listen to that gut of yours! If you like it, if your man digs it, if you’re comfortable and you feel like a freakin’ rockstar, who CARES whether you’re gonna still like it in 20 years when you look back at the photographs! Do you love it now? Well then, you better live for now!

And right now, we LOVE a messy half up top-knot! Exposing your radiant, wait no, your GLORIOUS face, whilst still maintaining that super underdone look and hitting a whole new edgy note, it’s the ultimate statement look for a bride.


Brush it out, Honey

OK, so toning it down a little, I’ve been a little out there today hey?! Ha, well y’all probably expect that by now! This is  a more subtly unusual look, but we’re so enamoured by it: brushed out waves.

I’d convinced myself that this look was a little too old school hollywood glamour for my boho tastes, but increasingly I’m convinced that this look can be totally ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ undone; worlds apart from the overly groomed image that pops up in my head when any one comes near me with a brush!

In fact, paired with a strong brow and dark dramatic eyes, it actually creates this beautiful wild woman quality that we’re totally obsessed with!

22292326 and 28 Left: Shop Hers  Right: My FDB

The Dishevelled Pixie

Now, if you’ve been taking a read and found yourself nodding along enthusiastically (I like you, you can come again!) but have realised that your hair is never gonna be long enough to rock a hat or a lob in time for your wedding, have no fear!

May I introduce you to the grown-out, dishevelled pixie! With its boyish charm and its ‘devil-may-care’ attitude, this slightly longer crop pairs beautifully with a minimal dress a beautiful smile.

Don’t take my word for it though…

171827 There’s something a bit French about it, non? I love how the style exposes the nape of the neck, undeniably one of a woman’s sexiest angles, working beautifully with a scooped back to lengthen the neck and back. Sheer elegance – we love!

And if non of the above tickle your fancy, we remain huge advocates of the fringe this autumn, as we mentioned here. It’s an easy way to add that quirky edge to your bridal look. So Bridget Bardot, right?

5 After all, who’d want to do something conventional on their wedding day?! COME ON, double dare ya!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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