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So, the wedding season is over – or is it? We’ve had the trend of meringue dresses, weddings abroad and kitsch bunting with cake stands, but more often than not all these trends happen with the hope of sunny warm weather. However, many couples are appreciating the beautiful scenes that British autumns and winters can provide, and there has been a shift in the amount of people opting out of summer and in favour of months where rain and perhaps snow is a given.


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You would have thought that the last thing a couple would want to risk would be the chance of bad weather. However, this has been contrary in recent years with British summers being a wash out, and autumn bringing months of colour, crisp blue skies; often the only water in sight is from the happy tears of guests of the newlyweds.

But what does a colder wedding consist of when all the pictures in magazines contain outdoor shots with trees in full blossom? Here we discuss why colder months are bang on trend….

Nature Knows Best


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You can use the foliage that has fallen for backdrops in the autumn months and, if your wedding is early October, you’ll catch the trees as they are turning – just as stunning as when they’re in full bloom. Also, don’t forget that the leaves can make perfect biodegradable confetti if collected in advance and dried out!

For winter months, if you’re very lucky, you may just get a dusting of snow which is most brides’ dream; with all the stunning veils, faux furs and contrasting suits, pictures can be beyond beautiful.


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Finally, don’t forget the colours of pumpkins, conkers, holly leaves and berries which all make perfect decorations. There are also gorgeous flowers at this time of year, so you may be surprised to learn about those which are available all year round.


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Dress to Impress


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The colder weather also means people have to prepare their outfit choice. By people expecting it to be colder, especially in a church, they will be more likely to wrap up. Unlike an unpredictable summer, you don’t have the risk of people expecting the perfect sunny afternoon only to be stood sopping wet for photos.

Guests may even come prepared with umbrellas in case of the weather turning; alternatively this can be an added feature of the day which can be a lovely touch and, depending on budget, can be used as the wedding favours.

Say Cheese!


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The other benefits of a later wedding is that the sun will be lower for most of the day, so you reduce the risk of guests squinting in photographs, or getting hot and bothered waiting around to be called for pictures. Also, if your photographer is prepared they will have seen your venue and scoped out all possibilities for every weather scenario to make the most of your pictures. You may have chosen the venue to capture the perfect memories, but don’t be disheartened if these can’t be used; your photographer will ensure the photos are perfect.

So, whether you’re contemplating a later wedding day for the year ahead, think about all the added benefits that the summer sun just can’t match! Just don’t forget, the most important thing at the end of a wedding is that you are married to your loved one come rain or shine.

This guest post was written by Jenny Pilley – blogger and winter wedding enthusiast. As a lover of the traditionally picturesque white winter wedding, Jenny would recommend Top Table Catering Hire for anyone looking for the perfect reception spread.

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