…Yeah, that’s right Nearly Naked; the sassiest of the cake world! Guys, you are gonna want to grab a cuppa and a slice of something for this post, ’cause I am gonna leave you seriously peckish!

So, if you’re new to the wedding world, one look at any wedding based Pinterest feed will tell you this: Naked cakes are in. What’s a naked cake? Pretty simple really, it’s a tiered sponge, with a cream-based filling that’s encouraged to ooze out, making it visible, usually topped with an assortment of fruit or fresh flowers, but the key to this cake lies in it’s lack of icing. The layers of sponge and filling are left entirely exposed, giving it that wonderfully cool, underdone look that we boho brides seek in so many aspects of our wedding. Par exemple…


Image credit: Michael and Kate Photography

Cute, right? But they’ve been done, like, a lot, so we thought we’d deliver something a little alternative to your door, as is our custom here at Festival Brides. Et volià: the Nearly Naked cake.

‘Riiight. So, what the hell is a Nearly naked cake?’ I can hear you guys saying it now!

Welp, admittedly, I’ve coined this phrase myself and it isn’t exactly a recognised term (yet!), but essentially, a Nearly Naked cake is one adorned with some form of icing, but not entirely covered in icing, as a traditional wedding cake might be. Maintaining that effortlessly cool level of underdone, these cakes still leave areas of sponge exposed, and keep icing to a simple minimum. Like I said earlier, they’re the sassiest members of the cake world, exposing just enough of their luscious sponge to tempt you in for another slice.

A Subtle Dusting

First up, you might’ve seen that I posted one of these killer designs to our Instagram just yesterday; that concept totally blew my mind and opened up a whole realm of more subtle cake designs to me and before I knew it, this post was born! I sat and wondered why, traditionally, wedding cakes were designed to be such show stoppers? Especially when the rest of the wedding has been styled in a beautifully subtle, delicate fashion, why then round it off with a monstrously huge 4 tier fruit cake? If that’s your thing, then of course, go for it! Each to their own slice! But if like me you’re not such a fan, take a look at these incredible doily-stencilled sponges.

Gorgeously gentle, symmetrical designs are stencilled onto an otherwise relatively simple sponge, producing a rustic, understated dessert that won’t overwhelm your guests after their 5 course festival feast!

Note the very first image of this post: that bell jar seems like a mighty fine idea to preserve your dusted pattern and prevent it blowing away!

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Whether you go for a full on almost henna-like laced pattern, which appears especially striking on a dark chocolate sponge, or a delicate smattering of sugar, topped with a leaf and a twist of zest, or just go for a full-on dowsing of icing sugar, the effect is elegant and delicate and we just love it!

(Ps. You should totally click on some of these images, many of their original sources include incredible recipes!)

9 11 6

Just A Peep of Sponge

Ok, so I’ve totally fallen head over heels for the below cake. Taken from a German blog called Klitzeklein, meaning ‘Tiny’, it’s a carrot sponge (such a great call for an alternative wedding cake) adorned with a minimalistic scraping of cream cheese icing. Amazing, isn’t it? The way the sponge begins to peep through towards the cake’s base gives it such an alluring texture and colour, it beats a wholly covered sponge hands down in my book!

This barely iced style is so in right now and is confidently blurring the line between the iced and naked cake, introducing a whole other level of cool. Adorn the top with a cluster of flowers, or gently encircle the cake with green herbs for a truly forest chic sponge, perfect for Autumn weddings.

2 5 7

The Drizzle Trend

This one’s gonna be big; I can feel it in my bones! There’s quite an art to getting the perfect drizzle, and drizzled icing can take many forms, but one thing’s for sure: it’s bang on trend in the cake world right now, so you brides better get on this bandwagon!

Whether we’re talking a simple sponge, topped with a relatively thick layer of glacé icing oozing over the cake’s edges, or a more intricate, albeit still pretty nonchalant, latticed design topped with lemon slices; the drizzle is oh-so-cool.

3 18 19

Some of the coolest bakers around are playing with shaped sponges before adding their drizzled topping, using moulds to create tall, fluted or ringed shapes. These gorgeous sponges, so simple in their embellishment, are show-stoppers on a completely different level to the traditional style wedding cake. Their uncluttered simplicity is striking and, I don’t know about you, but I find them a hell of a lot more appetising than royal icing that’s been crafted to within an inch of it’s life.

It’s simple, honest cake… And boy, is it good!

4 13 16 14 15 17

The variation in drizzles is incredible, and whats more, they all seem to work beautifully! I mean, the thin orange flavoured glaze on the above cake (click the image for the recipe) is just screaming my name right now! Plus, we’re totally loving the colourful ribbons of fruit (and vegetable, yes that is courgette in the above picture!) atop these drizzled sponge rings, they add a stunning burst of colour and a zesty flavour to the otherwise simple cakes.

21 20 8

Let this be your revived cake bible for the remaining Autumn and Winter weddings of 2014 and indeed for our 2015 brides too.

The 3 commandments are simple:

Thou shalt ice thy cake a little, but never entirely

Thou shalt be minimal with thy design and flavour

Thou shalt choose a cake thy neighbours actually want to eat, rather than just look at 😉

Peace + Love,

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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