Good morning, beautiful people. I hope it’s sunny where you are, it’s a GORGEOUS morning here in the Midlands! Very aptly, it’s giving me all the feels for this incredible planet we live on, as today’s mood board is focusing on the theme of Soft Earthiness.

Earthy; meaning to be of the nature of Earth, unaffected, coarse or unrefined. It’s simple, with a very natural, almost homey feel, and yet in its simplicity it inspires a sense of wonderment. The styling world is being hugely influenced by Mother Nature right now, we’re being encouraged to get back to our roots, to seek out raw textures, unrefined fabrics, muted autumnal colour-ways. This trend is all about tactility; the roughness of a texture, its naturally formed shape.

A depiction of the fresh green life that comes from the Earth in a moment, but also leaves just as readily, in contrast with the slow, lasting life the Earth gives to crystal formations, stone and wood. There’s a sense of time, the seasons, of Life’s circle and our place in it. It’s something we instinctively yearn for, it feels comfortable and natural to exist among these spaces and textures. A little haven of unchanged earthiness in a forever changing modern world.

Wild Botanica

Life that comes from the Earth.

Fresh greens, longer-than-usual stems and twigs produce a free-form shape to flower installations and bouquet as though wild and untouched. Colours are muted, nothing unnaturally bright, or too perfect.

Just a raw appreciation for good ol’ life; springing forth from the Earth.

Diamonds in the Rough

The jewels of the Earth.

Crystals, geodes and flecks of gold. These elements of earthiness reflect our own spirituality. Beautiful structures, carved so intricately by nature itself; they’re mesmerising, with a celestial resonance that leaves us in wonder.

Seek out rough, unfinished crystals for a truly natural feel, and allow yourself to dream a little with your ‘Earthy’ colour palette here.

Natural Service

The Earth’s tableware.

That wholesome feeling of eating from unrefined stoneware; the vibrancy of food comes to life against this comparatively dull backdrop.

The gentle tapping of carved wooden cutlery against soft wooden plates, each one’s grain beautifully unique; it’s subtle, gentle, muted.

Mother Earth

Inspired by Gaia, the goddess of the Earth.

Born at the dawn of creation, she was the great mother of all creation – uniting the gods of the sky, the sea and the Earth; mortal creatures being born directly from her earthy flesh. She rises from the Earth, inseparable from her native element.

She is life-giving, wearing a halo crown, like the sun.

Raw Fabrics

The touch of the Earth.

Unrefined fabrics; soft to the touch, breathable to allow you to feel the elements. Loose-fitting, billowing sleeves, skin bared to the soak up the sun.

Garments are white, or naturally dyed, with soft detailing and skirts designed to be hitched up so one can walk barefoot through the Earth.

The Beauty of Decay

Returning to the Earth.

A celebration of Life’s full circle, there is both beauty in decay, and beauty in preservation. Dried blooms, used to intricately adorn skin and hair, hung from ceilings and chairs, and given as treasured favours.

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been re- arranged by the hand of man.” – author unknown


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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