What a fiiiine Tuesday morning it is, I hope y’all are having an ace week so far!

So, as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my beau and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in late September (whoop!) and we decided to celebrate our first ‘annimoon’ at the incredible Cosy Under Canvas, and BOY were we impressed! Our first ‘glamping’ experience (my hubby is more of a hardcore sleeping-bag-in-the-grass style camper usually), we had a ballin’ time in this beautiful – and I by that I mean BEAUTIFUL – Welsh woodland. Think cooking over an open fire, spending your evenings drinking bubbles in a wood-fired hot tub and sleeping in a wonderfully homely dome… All under a beautiful woodland canopy. It really was magical.

So whether you’re planning your minimoon, your honeymoon, a hen or stag do, or you just need a little break from all that wedding planning (I hear ya, sister!) then kick back, relax and enjoy getting to know this divine holiday destination.

A massive thanks to my beau for his stunning photography, you can find him here at Old Bear Media.


Our Darling Dome

Once we strolled our way across that sweet little rope bridge, leaving the real world behind us and stepping into the peaceful magic of the woodland, we were greeted by the sight of our crisp white dome. Nestled in private little clearings in the woodland, currently Cosy Under Canvas is home to 3 domes and 2 tipis. We were greeted by a little sign with our names etched in chalk (it’s the little things!) we made ourselves at home in our gorgeous nest and, I won’t lie, cracked open a beer and set about getting our hot tub fire ablaze… Priorities, I know!

IMG_2614IMG_2756IMG_2523The domes are camping at it’s most luxe: the huge solid wood bed features a memory foam mattress, the floors are covered in an abundance of snuggly sheepskins, a hammock chair hangs before the dome’s perspex window and every piece of furniture is adorned with luxe woollen blankets, cushions and hot water bottles. Glowing in the evening light, we notice the solid wood side tables and headboard are littered with sweet little tea light holders and the rustic log burner is ready to keep us cosy; I could tell from the moment we stepped into the dome that Cosy Under Canvas had thought of everything; even down to the fresh cut flowers in our private compost loo!

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Wood-fired Hot Tubs + Fireside Cooking

Whether you’re travelling with a group of hens, your hubby or if you’re planning boys trip to the woods, you will not be able to resist the incredible wood-fired hot tubs that a selection of the domes possess. Who cares about jacuzzi style bubbles when you can while away the hours in your own personal fire-heated wooden tub in fresh, Welsh air.

Seriously though, donning my sweet bindis (courtesy of the totally gorgeous Bindi Babe UK), book in hand, hubby by my side and a glass celebratory fizz, I felt seriously spoilt!

IMG_2706IMG_2720IMG_2545Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetWe loved it… Is it obvious?!

IMG_2728I mean! It was just paradise! And to get the true outdoors experience, we cooked every night on our open fire (thank goodness for hubbys that can build a good fire!) utilising Cosy’s amazingly equipped kitchen to rustle up all natures of yummy dishes!

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Chill with Your Fellow Campers

Being part of our small glamping community for the week was fabulous. Cosy have created some incredible shared spaces, from the fairy lit, bunting adorned kitchen area, with its sweet welcome chalk board, rustic aga, pew style seating and bright accessories to the lovely Cosy Corner, filled with books, games and chilled seating; we were in our element!

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Under the Stars

For the romantics among you, Cosy Under Canvas is set near to the town of Hay-on-Wye, but it really is right out in the countryside, with very little noise pollution, and even less light pollution meaning that at night, the sky comes to life! Sat in our hot tub late on the first night, we looked up through a small break in the woodland canopy to see a sparkling peak of the night sky, not to mention how beautiful the tipis and domes looked, glowing with their candle and fire light…


The Treasures of Hay-on-Wye

So, I mentioned Hay-on-Wye earlier, now I know Emma of Cosy could recommend a whole host of other brilliant towns and activities in the area, but if like us you were looking for a super chilled week, Hay is the town for you. Less than 10 minutes from Cosy Under Canvas, we visited almost daily, wandering around the super cool vintage and gift shops, picking up local produce at the market to barbecue later than night, not mention hiring a canoe and taking a truly stunning trip down the Wye!

IMG_2907IMG_2918Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetriver_533Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_6816_533Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_6830The lovely Emma of Cosy also recommended we take a trip to Booth’s Bookshop during our time in Hay, and my goodness was that a good suggestion! Famous for its 2 dozen book stores, on every corner of this little town you’ll undoubtedly find one, however none quite like Booth’s. A cultural hub, not only does Booth’s play home to a small cinema but also the most incredible café. Sited at the he back of the store, their menu is simply divine (give it a peruse here), with brunch running for the duration of the day (my kinda place!) and they made me a pretty ace iced coffee (or you can get a wicked Bloody Mary, if that’s more your thing!).

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetIMG_6742_533IMG_6745_533… and yes, that Welsh Rarebit was INCREDIBLE, and yes, we had it 3 times!

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I can safely say that we’ll be revisiting Cosy at some point in the near future, having spent the most gorgeous week there, feeling truly at home and extremely well looked after.

Seriously though, you guys need to get booked in right this second, and whilst you at it you can follow Cosy Under canvas on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and enjoy cooing at all their lovely updates… You’re welcome!

Peace + Love

Clare X


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