1Morning hotties and hollaaaa, FRIYAY is finally here!

…And as if that wasn’t enough, Valentine’s day is upon us also! I hope y’all have something supremely naughty nice planned for tomorrow and you’re all ready to get seriously loved up with your other half, or just anyone you wanna tell you love! (FYI, I send my Mama a valentine’s card every year, this holiday isn’t just for lovers ya know! Take the opportunity to send some hearts out xx)

OK, now my little love-rant’s over, let talk about today. SO. You are gonna swoon. Like, for real! We’re talking Delft blue china.

Plates, essentially.

No I’m kidding, of course I’m not just gonna talk plates for the next 10 minutes (although I totally could babble for that long, let’s be honest here!) but we’re actually talking about that divine shade of inky blue, those intricate pieces of art, the patterns, the worn, ancient feel that gives so many Delft pieces that historical depth.

49 57Left: Good Ideas For You  Right: Dust Jacket Attic

5456 60Left: theLane  Right: Little Blue Deer

Yeah. In case you hadn’t realised, we’re pretty enamoured by this mood board.

We love that the Delft look can take on a clean, fresh feel if kept simple, but add a smack of orange to your colour palette, or a few other antique pieces (those distressed pink velvet chairs in the first picture, COME ON) and suddenly you’ve got some seriously cool aged, bohemian vibes arising, which naturally press ALL our buttons.

So, let’s get the obvious (yet hella beaut) chinaware dealt with first, shall we?

28 95153Pair this Blue Willow china with whites and dark woods for that fresh, clean look. It’s kinda classic, but the reclaimed wood and textured whites give it a beautiful rustic summer feel. Keep it simple, letting the china sing against that just off-white linen napkin. Sheer eye-candy.

Or, mismatch your china, adding tarnished cutlery, pops of tangerine (hey, maybe even an actual tangerine?!), deep indigo coloured glass, hints of pale pink linen… Yes, it’s totally mixed up, but it’s insanely good. A bohemian picnic, it’s basically a case of throwing together all your fave boho dinner ware, and creating a low seating arrangement and letting your guests bask in the sunshine amidst all those wonderfully vibrant colours, a table of treasure.

4246 4845 58Left: Art Value  Right: Once Wed

Now, if y’all already chose your crockery DON’T PANIC! Reality check: they’re plates, it ain’t worth hyperventilating over! (I know it feels like it is at this point, but that’ll pass, don’t worry!)

There are like, a million other ridiculously cool ways to work a hint of Delft blue china into your wedding and we’re gonna show you them all.

That’s another ace thing about this little decor trend, it doesn’t have to dominate, or even be that noticed really. Hints of this beautiful blue design will just add to that bohemian vibe without your guests even noticing. This pattern has such history it creates a sense of nostalgia in a heartbeat, without even really trying.


And it comes in all shapes and sizes…

34The skull, oh my goodness the skull!

Losing our minds over here!

57Yes, the ring box is a must!

We love the Moroccan vibe this pattern’s got going on.

6 new28 29Left: Four Walls and a Roof  Right: Blog Ampersand 

1052That skull though. HOLLA!

So dang rock n’ roll. Somebody needs to buy us one! For real.

Are you guys convinced yet?! Blue china doesn’t have to be cutesy tea-party (that said, if tea party’s your thing, power to you!), but if an eclectic, bohemian treasure cave is more your jam, Blue Willow china is a must.

626336 41Left: Etsy  Right: Etsy

Of course, you know we’re not gonna stop there. Oh no!

Your paper goods are gonna need to get in of this inky blue action.

Escort cards adorned with Delft vase designs, menus folded into origami hearts, hand-scrawled place names in deep blue ink…

215047Just divine, right?! Whether you keep the designs crisp, and light, or go for a deeper blue and a hand-inked feel, this look is just everything.

And of course, suiting a blonde, brunette, red head and pretty much every skin tone, a blue china inspired bridesmaid dress is such a sound choice for your BFFs.

1213 20That t-shirt smock dress. I mean.

Juxtapose the blue with warm pops of tangerine, fuchsia or red in bouquets, flower headpieces or even accessories to really make that blue sing in an exotic, Moroccan kinda way.

Gah, it’s so gorgeous and it works so perfectly on almost any dress style or shape…

1726271819Like, I might’ve just blacked out they’re so priddy!

Already found your holy grail (aka, the perfect bridesmaid dress to suit and please all your gals) then consider these gorgeous inky blue temporary tattoos to add a little sass to your maid’s ensembles. Softer than a black transfer, these alternative accessories are still so hot for 2015 weddings and give any outfit a subtle seasoning of boho.

32 3414…Or of course you could save the Blue Willow theme as a surprise for later!

We’re SUCH fans of alternative bridal lingerie, and this little number? This is hitting the spot nicely.

Next up, let’s move into the concept of Delft blue as a backdrop. Whether that’s a handmade ceremony backdrop (I’m thinking awesome blue patterned tiles, backed by a large sheet of MDF, propped up against the rustic wooden walls of your barn ceremony venue), or a hand-painted table cloth adorned with petite flowers and multitudes of tiny leaves, this colour palette is just everything when it comes to a backdrop. The cool white and blue makes skin and hair colours glow with warmth comparatively and creates a wonderfully light space, perfect for those artistic candid shots you’ve dreamed of.

23 35Left: Skonahem  Right: Eva Juliet

15 31Left: 1001 Pallets  Right: Etsy

1124 22Left: Somewhat Vintage  Right: Mark D Sikes

30Blank canvas style venue?

Assorted plates as a backdrop. That. Is. All.

33Hexagonal tiles. Uh. They’re just SO pretty.

And, in case you haven’t been subject to our relentless pinning of the incredible painted cookies that are trending so hard for events this year…

Painted cookies. I know, right?!

So awesome, and no more so than when painted with blue ink.

3839 59Left: No Mura Maya  Right: sogoalzolghadri

40I need all the cookies. Seriously, give them all to me!

And last but by no means least, table linen.

A super soft (quite literally) way to embrace this trend, be it a napkin folded delicately beneath your menu, table clothes laden with wood and gold pieces (such a beautiful colour scheme) or Delft blue inspired square bunting (Yes, we still heart square bunting very much! Read more on that trend right here), fabric is a wonderfully subtle way to work pattern into your beautiful day.

43556144Dowsed in Romance, with hints of European history adding depth and artistry to your bohemian day, we hope to see hints (or a full blown chorus, you do you!) of Delft blue popping up all over the summer weddings of 2015.

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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