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I hope you all had a good weekend and treated your Mums to a fabulous Mother’s Day. Mine was unfortunately spent in bed as I am still recovering from the flu but I did manage to squeeze in a few cuddles with my wonderful baby daughter and had a lovely meal cooked by the other half so all in all it was still a lovely day.

We have an absolutely beautiful wedding to share with you today. Captured by Festival Brides favourite Laura Babb and held on a gorgeous Lavender Farm in Hertfordshire, Lucy and Kevin’s handmade rustic tipi wedding is just all things wedding pretty.

Lucy looked stunning in her art deco beaded Eliza Jane Howell wedding dress which looks so dreamy amongst the sea of purple lavender. We are also in love with her gold bridesmaid dresses, handmade wedding bouquet (yes – Lucy did her own bouquet and it is amazing) and Indian colour palette.

Lucy tells us all about it…..

Lucy and Kevin-5 Lucy and Kevin-6 Lucy and Kevin-9 Lucy and Kevin-20

An Art Deco Wedding Dress and Vivenne Westwood Shoes….

I wanted to have an unstructured dress, cut on the bias with flowers in my hair. And then the first dress I saw was an art deco inspired dress, I tried it on and fell in love. The way it hung and the heavy beading from top to toe made me feel so glamorous it was instant love. I had a head piece made using original art deco dress clips and added some fun with Vivienne Westwood Lips shoes. My hair was in waves created from pin curls. My make-up artist made me feel stunning. A natural look with a heavier eye and coral lips.

Lucy and Kevin-22 Lucy and Kevin-25 Lucy and Kevin-33 Lucy and Kevin-35 Lucy and Kevin-36 Lucy and Kevin-39 Lucy and Kevin-41 Lucy and Kevin-51 Lucy and Kevin-64Lucy and Kevin-62

Sequins, Gold and A Darker Share of Blue….

I wanted the bridesmaids to have fun dresses. I personally love sequins and I knew they all did too! The dresses were perfect and they looked beautiful. Flower girl also wore a gold Monsoon dress. The groomsmen all wore a darker shade of blue to complement the groom. All wore matching Reiss ties and button holes.

Lucy and Kevin-65 Lucy and Kevin-72 Lucy and Kevin-74 Lucy and Kevin-81

12 Acres of Rolling Lavender Hills…..

The church was our local church and one that I got christened in, it’s a beautiful church. The Venue is an absolutely stunning location near where we live. Hitchin Lavender Farm has 12 acres of rolling lavender hills. It is a really tranquil place and the deep purple colour is truly striking.

The ceremony was full of nerves and the ice broke as soon as we saw each other and smiled. One of our bridesmaids did a beautiful reading and we left church to bells ringing and dried petal confetti in cones.

Lucy and Kevin-88 Lucy and Kevin-91 Lucy and Kevin-96 Lucy and Kevin-108 Lucy and Kevin-109 Lucy and Kevin-110 Lucy and Kevin-111 Lucy and Kevin-114 Lucy and Kevin-115 Lucy and Kevin-122 Lucy and Kevin-127 Lucy and Kevin-147 Lucy and Kevin-154 Lucy and Kevin-156 Lucy and Kevin-187 Lucy and Kevin-190 Lucy and Kevin-193

An India Colour Palette…..

I love colour and especially jewelled colours, we spent quite a lot of time in India, where you will never have a nude colour palette. It completely inspired us and I hope to have used this inspiration in dressing our venue.

A DIY Wedding Floristy Course……

It took us two years to collect all of the vases and candlesticks from every charity shop around. I went on a DIY wedding floristry course as I really wanted to learn a new skill and create the flowers myself. My clever Mum and Sister helped immensely. We went to the wholesalers and purchased the flowers for the centrepieces and bouquets. It was hard work but totally worth it.

A Handmade Wedding…..

We tried to make the wedding as handmade as we could. It makes it all so much more special to know how many hours were spent on everything. I created 26 meters of tassel bunting from chiffon material. My mother made liberty print lavender bags for all the ladies. I machine sewed all the name places which took forever but I think it was worth it. The table numbers were mdf letters that I glued moss to.

Lucy and Kevin-195 Lucy and Kevin-197 Lucy and Kevin-199 Lucy and Kevin-201 Lucy and Kevin-202 Lucy and Kevin-206 Lucy and Kevin-207 Lucy and Kevin-214 Lucy and Kevin-215 Lucy and Kevin-219 Lucy and Kevin-221 Lucy and Kevin-229 Lucy and Kevin-232 Lucy and Kevin-235 Lucy and Kevin-240 Lucy and Kevin-242

Stylistic Photography and Creative Vision….

We had an idea of what kind of photographer we wanted and after much searching we found Laura Babb. Her stylistic photos and creative visions were why we picked her. I have been utterly blown away by our photos we will treasure them forever.

Lucy and Kevin-243 Lucy and Kevin-245 Lucy and Kevin-246 Lucy and Kevin-248 Lucy-and-Kevin-247_0Lucy and Kevin-251 Lucy and Kevin-253 Lucy and Kevin-257 Lucy and Kevin-266 Lucy and Kevin-276 Lucy and Kevin-285

A BBQ and 1950’s Ice-Cream Van….

With dry hiring a field it gave us complete freedom to have any catering we desired. On arrival guests enjoyed canapés and sit down started with a lamb confit starter. We decided on having a served BBQ for main meal with a choice of really nice meats and dishes. For desert we had ice-cream from a 1950’s ice-cream van.

Lucy and Kevin-287 Lucy and Kevin-294 Lucy and Kevin-300 Lucy and Kevin-302 Lucy and Kevin-306 Lucy and Kevin-312 Lucy and Kevin-313 Lucy and Kevin-315 Lucy and Kevin-316 Lucy and Kevin-319 Lucy and Kevin-321 Lucy and Kevin-323 Lucy and Kevin-325 Lucy and Kevin-326 Lucy and Kevin-329 Lucy and Kevin-334 Lucy and Kevin-340 Lucy and Kevin-350 Lucy and Kevin-355 Lucy and Kevin-359 Lucy and Kevin-366 Lucy and Kevin-392 Lucy and Kevin-403 Lucy and Kevin-405

An Acoustic Set and The In-Laws…..

In the day we had a talented friend Craig Selby do an acoustic set and in the evening we had an amazing band The In-Laws. Everyone loved them and it was like being at a gig.

Lucy and Kevin-413 Lucy and Kevin-416 Lucy and Kevin-418 Lucy and Kevin-422 Lucy and Kevin-425 Lucy and Kevin-440Lucy and Kevin-429 Lucy and Kevin-433 Lucy and Kevin-436

Any Advice?

Any advice we would like to give to couples who are getting married is stick with all your ideas and follow them through. Totally enjoy it all and have fun with it!

The Line Up

Photography: Babb Photo
Venue: Hitchin Lavender Farm 
Brides Gown: Eliza Jane Howell
Brides Headpiece: Agnes Hart
Cake: Candlelight Cakery
Caterer: Kingfisher
Bridesmaid Dresses: Needle and Thread
Grooms Suit: Reiss
Hair: Jo Gates
Makeup: Makeup By Katy
Entertainment: The In-Laws 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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