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Katie and Tom married on the 7th June 2014 at the stunning magical woodland setting of Jollyday’s Glamping site in the heart of Yorkshire. They wanted their wedding to be informal and relaxed and to create an atmosphere where their guests could make new friends whilst having fun in the woods! With onsite camping in the form of yurts, bell and lodge tents and woodcutter huts, Jollydays really did provide the perfect location for Katie and Tom’s weekend woodland wedding extravaganza!

Katie tells us all about it….

6 years on after the first proposal….

Tom took me out for a whole day of treats, and I somehow did not suspect anything! He proposed at the end of a beautiful day together. This proposal was over 6 years after the first proposal, though the first one was a drunken New Year proposal and we had only been together a few months, so thought we should wait and do it properly!

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Glamping in the Woods….

We love the woods and we wanted our wedding to last the weekend so people had more time to enjoy themselves and get to know each other. Everyone joined in with the process and nobody refused to stay in the tents! I think having running water in the tents, and them being very posh helped!

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Collected over time…..

We decorated the venue with things collected by various people over time. The main decoration was our flowers, and relying on the beautiful surroundings!

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Favourite moment of the day….

Too hard to say, but the ceremony in the woods (and rain!), dancing with friends and family and the campfire singing late into the night – bride and groom were last to bed at 5am!!

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Any advice for couples planning their wedding day?

Take all the help you can get – even if you think it will be easier to do it yourself, and don’t worry about anything if possible – if anything goes wrong it is normally a funny memory later!

The week before was a bit too stressful and as I was so laid-back throughout, that shocked me a bit but had friends and family there to take on some odd jobs!

I would recommend having a small break between the wedding and honeymoon if you can – we didn’t and this definitely contributed to the stress in the week before (I was worrying about bikinis when I should have been doing the table plan!)

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Photographer: John Hope Photography
Venue: Jollydays Glamping
Flowers: Bride’s Aunt 
Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Lauren O’Hara
Bride’s Shoes: Viper London
Groom: Charles Hobson Menswear
Bridesmaids Dresses: Pearl Bridal
Caterer: Feast Yorkshire
Cheesecake: Feast Yorkshire


Wedding beauty on its way!

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