Good morning glorious peeps. I hope you all had a peaceful weekend and kept wrapped up warm as the autumnal chill flew firmly around town. At least it didn’t rain too heavily, which is more than can be said for this stylishly stormy real wedding, brought to us all the way from Philadelphia. In fact, it was so torrential, even the camera couldn’t withstand the storm which meant unfortunately, it broke half way through the day….However we couldn’t resist sharing this super passionate and delightfully carefree wedding; it’s proof that rain on your wedding day really isn’t the end of the world! Actually in our opinion, the downpour on Kathleen and Philadelphian rapper Luke only added to the love, joy and exuberance of their special day. Located in a friend’s old restored barn overlooking the woods, the wedding was created on a tight budget, with a whole host of DIY favours from friends, family and Kathleen herself. Even the benches were especially carpentered for this outdoor wedding! Fully embraced by the adorably creative bride, the groom decided to throw a little artistic flavour into the mix by capturing their love story as a music-style video which has since gained views on huge American TV shows and has since become a massive YouTube hit! What better way for your husband to declare his love for you – through an uber-cool rap in the rain – just brilliant! Totally original and bags of fun, we are so pleased to hand over to Kathleen to fill you in on her fun-filled, rainy, barn wedding in the woods….

The idea of bringing all of our resources together was perfect. I have super talented friends and so I blended a mix of their style and what I love and boom! Our boho, rustic, barn-style wedding happened!

Proposal through the car speakers

Luke’s proposal blew me away. It was a Sunday last summer (2016) and Luke picked me up from a girls weekend at the beach. The plan was to go to his parents beach house close by and spend the day with his parents and sisters. Since he was gone for most of the summer writing and recording new music in Colorado, I was thrilled to spend the day with him and his sisters. Half way to his house he gets all excited and tells me his producer just sent him the final versions of some of the music he was working on. He asked if we could listen to them so of course I said yes! He played two (amazing) songs before he pulled over and said, “lets listen to this one before we get home, I don’t want my family to hear it yet” I laughed and got excited, like “yeah, pull over, only I can hear it!”

It was a love song, up beat and totally amazing. I’d already heard the lyrics, so it was super amazing to hear them come to life in a song. Half way through this particular song, the music cuts out and I hear Luke speaking to me through the speakers. He says how he’s loved me forever and then says the first time you hear this song, “I will be down on one knee with a ring in my hand”. In that same moment he opened the car door and got down on his knee and we both started crying and I started freaking out undoing my seatbelt and climbing through the car and hugging him and crying even more. It was totally amazing and then he surprised me with my whole family and his whole family at his parents beach house when we pulled up. We spent the day on the beach with champagne and laughs and it was truly magical.

Restored Old Barn in the Creek

Our venue is a private property about 1/2 mile from Luke’s parents house. It’s located in Chester County, PA. A friend of ours restored an old barn on his property and that’s where we chose to get married. We had the ceremony on his property that overlooked a creek and woods. We chose it because we knew we could turn it into the vision that we had created in our minds.

A special detail about the venue is that when Luke was a kid growing up, this property was a summer camp and Luke used to go there as a kid! So it also had sentimental value. When Luke and I lived with his parents, we used to take walks/runs around his parents house. We noticed one Saturday there were handmade signs that said “wedding” pointing up the driveway. Luke knew the property was large, and he knew there was a barn on the property because it used to be a summer camp he attended when he was a kid. After we got engaged, we knocked on the door and spoke with the homeowner who agreed to let us celebrate there for our wedding.

Large flower crates and homemade benches for ceremony

We had a short, out door ceremony. The arbor and all the benches were handmade by a close friend of ours. He also built the farm tables that we used for the reception (@holmespuntablerentals). Luke’s aunt is a florist and she created the flower arrangements for the arbor. We had large crates with flowers over flowing along the isles. Very simple. Very us.

The readings were incredible – we had two. The first was an original poem written by my husband and read by a dear friend of ours. The poem is called ‘One Day’. That’s what Luke wrote for me 3 years ago, so to hear Jon read it on our wedding day was super emotional. The second reading was a poem written by Robert Fulghum titled “All I really need to know, I learned in Kindergarten”.

Exposed back gown by BHLDN

The Monica Dress from BHLDN. I chose it because it was light and airy and I loved how the back was exposed with little sleeves. A short-sleeved dress was my ultimate dream! I wore Kelly and Katie sparkly gold shoes from DSW for the ceremony and then gold/white sparkly converses for the reception.

I wore my grandmother’s veil. This year would have marked my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary, so it is roughly 70 years old! It’s a tradition that the girl cousins on my dad’s side all wear this veil. I was the 4th of 5 girls to have worn it! It was the one thing I was most worried for when the rain came!

The only jewellery I wore was the wedding band and engagement ring from Whitby’s Jewellers. Luke had a suit from J crew suit and all the bridesmaids hand picked by their dresses themselves, I just asked that they wear knee length, white lace dresses. My sister in law did my hair for me and Lauren Flemming did my make-up.

white + green flowers to compliment the bridesmaid’s dresses

Luke’s aunt is a florist, so she did the most amazing job with the arrangements for the tables. We used all white and green flowers to match the white dresses the bridesmaids wore. We made our own dream catchers that were hung around the barn and we strung our own lights too. We added fabric inside the barn to make it feel light and airy. It was a lot of work like I said, but it all came together with the help of my friends!

Handmade wooden dreamcatchers + Macramé runners

The reception was in a beautiful barn. The barn was a dream come true! We hung string lights, white fabric and Luke even built a handmade dream catcher that we hung by the dance floor. He built it by soaking branches with water until they were malleable enough to form them into the shape he wanted.

Luke and I wanted something simple, fun and out-doorsy. We loved the property and the way the barn was surrounded by nature. It made it feel like it was home for us.  Planning the wedding was a lot of work because we were on a super tight budget, but we had so many close friends and family members who are super creative and talented that it ended up being a dream. Our friend built all the farm tables that we used for dining. My bestie does macramé so she made all the macramé runners for the farm tables (shophoneydoo) and my Maid of Honour is a calligrapher (Lether Letter), so she handwrote all the signs, invites, and all the cards.

We had no cake. Instead we had a waffle’s and ice-cream food truck! Nina’s Waffles is based out of Doylestown and they were amazing.

Over a million views for our wedding video

James Adams was our photographer. He did an amazing job, but unfortunately his camera was ruined by the rain so not all the small details were captured. All the memories are stored in our thoughts though, and we were thankful to have James as our guy.

Danny Gevirtz was our incredible videographer and he created the Old Love Music Video. This video was viewed on Good Morning America and reached over a million views! We were thrilled with all the love that people shared!

Sentimental first dance

Our first dance was to ‘Sunday Morning’ by Maroon 5. We chose this song because when Luke and I first started dating in 2003/2004, this album was our favourite to listen to in the car. We know all the songs and all the words and it holds sentimental value for us. Our love is very much like a Sunday morning when the rain is falling. Ironic that it rained on us at our ceremony!

Besides the rain falling, my favourite moment was our first dance. My maiden name is King, so for the entrance all the groomsman, and bridesmaids and Luke and I all wore paper crowns. I had my 3 older brothers with me, Luke’s 2 sisters and all my best friends as we sang and danced together to one of our favourite songs. Luke couldn’t stop smiling, and neither could I!

Any Advice?

Let your husband help if he wants. A lot of the small details were because of Luke’s input. He is so creative and so talented and I wanted the day to be about us, not just me. My advice would be ask your fiancé questions and work together.

The Line Up

Photographer: James Adams 
Videographer: Old Love Music Video by David Gervitz
Décor rentals: Holme Spun Table Rentals
Dress: BHLDN
Make-up: Lauren Flemming
Shoes: Kelly and Katie
Groom’s Suit:  J crew suit 
Dessert Truck: Nina’s Waffles
Stationary: Lether Letter
Table runners: shophoneydoo


Wedding beauty on its way!

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