I just had to inspire you all with a post based on India after my recent trip to Goa.. I was totally overwhelmed by colour and constantly found myself smiling due to the brightness of the surroundings. Why are we so grey here in the UK!! I say paint your house turquoise and decorate your car with stickers and jewels.. That might cheer us all up!!

Anyhow enough about my new found obsession with colour, I wanted to talk about some of the Indian wedding ceremony traditions that could inspire your Festival Wedding. Remember it’s your free spirited day and you can pick and choose from many traditions and cultures to create your perfect day!!

The traditional Hindu wedding is a deeply meaningful and symbolic combination of rituals and traditions. The Sanskrit word for marriage is vivaha, which literally means “what supports or carries.”

The witnesses to the marriage are the Gods above and the five elements of the nature around: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Sky. I’m liking this as a festival wedding theme!!

Here are some more meanings and traditions I just love…

Ganapathy (Ganesh) Pooja (Prayer to Ganesh- The Remover of Obstacles)

The wedding ceremony begins with the worship of
Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles and the provider of good luck. (I learnt to draw the Ganesha whilst in Goa and it’s something I now feel connected to)



I met a lovely artist called Swaroop Kaintura whose work I love..Here is a very expressive Ganesha he has painted. He also creates lots of paintings using discarded railway and bus tickets that read ‘Happy Journey’. Such a cute and happy spirited idea!!

Kankana Dhaarana

A sacred thread is placed around the bride and groom to protect them from evil spirits. We could all do with a little protection!!

Mangalya Dharanam (Tying of Matrimonial Necklace)/Alternative to the Ring Exchange

The groom gives the bride a mangala sutra, a necklace made of gold that includes two emblems representing each family. The mangala sutra identifies a lady as a married woman. The mangala sutra is the same tradition of exchanging rings… I chatted to a few married women whilst in Goa and it seems once they are married they become more embellished year on year. I love the symbolism of the necklace and its a nice alternative to rings!!

Pradhaana Homam (Sacred Ceremonial Fire)

The bride and groom offer prayer to Agni (the God of Fire) and then walk around the holy fire, this symbolised the walk of life.

Saptapadi (Seven Steps)

The bride and groom take seven steps together, symbolising the beginning of their journey through life as a married couple.
These seven steps reflect their guiding principles in life. Whilst stepping they recite the following vows -Together we will:
• Support each other
• Fill our hearts with strength and courage
• Prosper and share our worldly goods
• Fill our hearts with love, peace, happiness, and spiritual values
• Strive to create a happy, healthy, and strong family together
• Live a long life in a loving harmony with each other
• Respect each other, be best friends and eternal partners

Aashirvaadam (Showering of Blessings)

The family and friends bestow their blessings by showering the couple with flower petals. (Much nicer than papery confetti- Imagine the lovely smell!!)

So I hope this is a bit of cultured inspiration for your Tuesday. India certainly inspired me in so many ways xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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