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Morning Lovely Peeps. Happy hump day! We are officially half way through the week so the countdown to the weekend can begin!

It has been a while now since we posted an alternative first dance love song under Independent Love Song. I fully admit that despite having a long list of some amazing love song tunes to share with you all, I have been completely rubbish at putting the posts together. It’s a shame really as I know that choosing a song for your first dance isn’t always easy. Not everyone has a song, so this feature really helped people find new music that they could connect with. It also provided the perfect playlist to play after the ceremony and during the sit down meal which I know quite a few of you did for your weddings.

For those of you that are new to Festival Brides and are wondering what the hell I am going on about, Independent Love Song used to be a weekly feature shared on a Monday where we would post alternative first dance love song suggestions. Now I’m not talking about your typical ‘my heart will go on’ music. I’m referring to cool, unique, quirky and fun loving songs that inspire and connect couples. The tracks would either be from artists we have come across or from the real weddings that we feature. I’m talking Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Angus & Julia Stone, Lamb, Queen, Sufjan Stevens and many many more. It was a very popular section within the blog and something we loved doing which is why I am bringing Independent Love Song!

I first heard Le chrome et le coton (Lafayette Remix) by Jerome Echenoz Feat. Anna Jean on 6 Music months ago. I can’t remember what show it was on but I know it was late and I was up working. The fact that I was working is relevant because this song instantly pulled me out of my ‘blogging’ mentality and made me stop and listen and I LOVE it when music can do that. The upper body bouncing started and I was hooked!

This is a great track for an alternative first dance for many reasons but mainly because the lyrics are about loving your soulmate from afar but in time, you come together and fall in love because its just meant to be. It is also a song that is what I describe as ‘onion music.’ Layers upon layers of beats that build and build as the track progresses into one awesome track……fitting as I think that is pretty much what happens when you fall in love!

I’m going to share two versions of this song with you. The first is the original French version which I love love LOVE and the second is the English version. You can pick and choose which one you want to listen too but if I was you, I would do both! 



En Français…..

In English…..

If you would like to make an alternative first dance love song suggestion then we would love to hear from you. Please email us with the track details and why you think it works as a first dance love song and you could be featured next week!


Big Music Love

Laura xx


Image Credit: Fiona Kelly Photography


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