Following on from Tina and Paul’s festivaltastic wedding that we featured this morning (if you haven’t seen it yet then you are in for a treat – click here to view), today’s Independent Love Song is their first dance coupled with the reasons why they chose it.

Over to Tina and Paul…..

“As much as we wanted our wedding to be a huge celebration of love and togetherness, we really weren’t too keen on many of the wedding traditions, so we interpreted them in our own way through our festival-style wedding, Juhurstbury.  Whilst we wanted to perform a first dance, neither of us are ‘smoochers’ so the thought of a slow dance to a ballad or a choreographed Strictly Come Dancing-esque first dance gave us the fear. Oddly, the song we chose was not one that held any particular memories for us although it was a childhood favourite of Paul’s.  We were at Proms in the Park in 2011 when, in between acts, a number of old tunes were played to the crowd, one of them being ELO’s ‘Last Train to London’.  Paul and I looked at each other and both said, “I love this song”.  Straight away we knew it was the only contender for our first dance.

The song itself is so uplifting and beautiful but it also resonated with our lives when we first met.  The chorus lyrics, “Last train to London, just leaving town….”, reminded us of when we first started dating, when Paul lived in Brighton and I lived in London – I would always get the train home.  And, as much as we didn’t want something too lovey, the lyrics, “I really want tonight to last forever, I really want to be with you….”, felt really poignant for our wedding.

When it got closer to the wedding, we decided to see if we could create a few moves to the song – nothing too crazy but something to ensure that we didn’t just rock from side to side!

When the song came on, it started with Paul throwing some crazy shapes and me initially dancing alone however one ambition I had was to fit in a disco-style spinning dance move (à la Saturday Night Fever) and, as I had a floaty 70’s style wedding dress on, this fitted in perfectly for the first chorus.  Everyone gathered around – I remember lots of whooping and cheering when we performed the disco spin but even moreso when, on the second chorus, we stood one behind the other and mimicked a train, travelling up and down the dance floor with our arms creating the old-fashioned piston motion.

It was so much fun – not nerve-wracking, not too smoochy and no ballad in sight but it was ‘us’.  It totally set the tone for everyone to join us on the dance floor by the third chorus, with most people not leaving it again until the music finished at 1am!”

I wish I had been a guest at their wedding! What a perfect alternative first dance song.

Enjoy peeps………….

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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