For today’s Independent Love Song – we have a double wammy! Lisa and Tom, whose amazing rainbow themed cowshed wedding we featured this morning (if you missed it click here) have shared both their first dance and aisle song choices with us. Their aisle song we’ve already featured but it’s a stunning track so we’re going to feature it again! First though it’s their first dance which was Cyndi Lauper’s classic Time After Time.

“It was such a hard choice picking a song for our first dance! I knew my mum was expecting us to have a big routine planned for the dance and although I LOVE dancing around neither of us wanted to make a big deal out of the dance. But it was really important to have a song that was just right. We wanted a song that was about love without being too cliché or soppy and a song we could dance to which would eventually get everyone else dancing (to save us from being stranded on the dance floor for too long.) Having a friend who mixes his own records was a huge bonus and we suggested some tracks for him to have a mess around with. We wanted a kinda slow start and an energetic ending. We thought Cindy Lauper’s track ‘time after time’ was a great tune to start and one that was both fitting to the location and had enough sentiment to have a bit of a smoochy dance and some twisty twirls. After a little while our friend Jonny (AKA Rosy Cheeked Viking!) sped it up and mixed it with something funky that got everyone spilling onto the dance floor!”

We don’t have a copy of Lisa and Tom’s funky dance version so instead we are sticking with the original! Get ready to sing along!!!

Because of the type of ceremony we had we could choose music to walk up the aisle to as well and the choice for this bit of music seemed more poignant to us. We chose ‘You & me’ by Penny and the Quarters – such a beautiful song and it makes us smile every time we hear it!

I adore this song – enjoy peeps…..

If you have any alternative first dance suggestions then please email them to me! Would love to hear them –

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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