HollaI hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks since my last post. I’m currently hanging 5 with my little crew in Florida, so writing this from a crazy 34 degrees in the sunshine state (although it feels like 45!!) 

So, incase you missed it I was shooting in Ibiza last month with a fantastic team and our model (and mermaid) Tahnee.  

This next post is about the second part of the shoot, using only Living Proof products and the lovely Alba to model.

On make up we had boho mama Jessie May Young (check out her beauty + family Insta, immediately!). We also had the super talented photographer of fashion and all round cool – Mar Torres

Our model Alba was born and grew up on the island and is a natural Ibizan beauty through and through. She is actually the photographer’s sister – boy, were they generous when they were dishing out the genes to that family!? Jeeezz… I think that really helped with the shoot though as everyone was so chilled. Could’ve been that Ibizan sun of course!

As I said in my last post, I’m a strong believer in encouraging creatives to do what they (and you!!) love, after all that’s why you like their work.  But I feel this shoot worked particularly well because of that. On a side note – It’s always a good idea to let your suppliers do what you paid them to do, after all they are the professionals, with all the experience and talent right!?


Ok, so why Living Proof?

If you haven’t heard of Living Proof they are a hair product range based in the U.S. and available globally. You can buy yours in Space NK, on QVC and in various larger M&S stores.

“Haircare and styling products that utilise patented lab-developed technology to improve hair health over time, delivering stronger, glossier locks”

The brand was created by a hairstylist, a session stylist and a scientist so they basically create what your hair needs rather than what looks cool in the bottle. Although it does look pretty cool.

I work with Living Proof as an educator and every time one of my clients goes on holiday, I recommend this stuff for keeping their locks frizz free and humidity at bay. Their feedback has been incredible. They have a range of products some of my personal faves include their dry shampoo – the only dry shampoo that actually cleans your hair and doesn’t leave a residue. It even repels dirt so great pre and post gym or trips to London when my hair seems to get grimy so quickly (such a bumpkin!!) 

If you follow my insta, you’ll know that I’m also a huge fan of the Amp for that soft, matte messy texture that I love and their Night Cap (AKA ‘the lifesaver’). Sometimes, I use it in my kit when I’m working and will get a text from the model or client asking me what I used as their hair feels so good and frizz free even after a few days (…It’s magic properties last 5 washes!!) 

So, what better way to show you guys than a trip to IBIZA!!??? 

Jessie lives in Ibiza and is all about the Goddess. Flawless skin, expertly highlighted and just the right amount of bronzing, that natural look is so hard to achieve and she gets it right every time. The look worked so well here and enhanced Albas dark olive tones and brown eyes perfectly. 

Alba’s hair is very dark naturally which was a lovely contrast to our first model. When working with dark hair, textures and plaits don’t tend to show up as much as there is no difference in colour to show movement in the hair. Remember this when you are scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration to show your stylist –  if you have darker or one colour hair, you need to be looking at models with similar hair colours.

You often find shoots with models with darker hair are smooth and silky rather than showing beachy waves. It just looks better, so go with it and enhance that ‘shine line’ girls!

Hair can take more plaits, twists and movement  than usual as it doesn’t look too ‘busy’ with colours running through it. It’s much more elegant.

You dark hair beauties are literally all about the shine that us blondes don’t have. It’s important to keep hair mirror glossy. The best way to do this is before it’s styled, rather than with products that sit on the top.

I would use Living Proof Full Shampoo and conditioner to clarify and remove any product build up, then Restore to strengthen and add shine. If extra love is needed here, try Night Cap, 5-in-1 or any styling products from the Healthy Hair range

Before applying product I always use their ‘Style Extender’ which basically does what it says and helps your style last longer. It’s a prep product to be sandwiched between shampoo/conditioner and your chosen styling products.

On more coarse hair I would go with cream products rather than sprays to ensure the moisture gets deep into the hair shaft.

Living Proof is about solutions, and with one of our biggest holiday issues the humidity and hair that’s default starts is FRIZZ. The guys at LP have created a whole range of No Frizz products to help this, and trust me they work. As these products can be layered I would finish with the No Frizz spray but lift the hair and spray throughout rather than just on the top.

If coarser hair or styling / blow drying from scratch you could also use the No Frizz styling cream.

There’s no messing here – the products do what they say on the tin. Simple.

Being in Florida in the height of summer, I’m feeling pretty smug i’ve bought this with me. The humid struggle is REAL!!!!

Ok, I’m off to find my main man Mickey with my super sleek hair 😉


Peace, Love & Awesome Hair


Jo xx

The Line Up

Hair | Jo Irving 

Make Up | Jessie May Young 

Photography | Mar Torres 

Model | Alba Torres

Recycled Sari Blue Shirt & Pink Dress | Lisa Taylor  

Red shirt | Realisation Par

Shorts – Vintage Levis 

Hair Products| Living Proof


Wedding beauty on its way!

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