This summer Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist Sabrina Lily will be sharing advice on the best products and treatments to have in the lead up to your festival wedding. Sabrina is currently working for a well known Musical in London and when she is not turning people into different characters Sabrina can be found beautifying brides for their big day. Before working in theatre, Sabrina’s experience in editorial work and the cosmetics world have given her knowledge that have made her indispensable to her clients. Stay tuned for weekly beauty inspired blog posts and keep your eyes peeled for a lovely prize at the end of the summer!

Over the summer I will be giving you a guide to products, treatments, make-up and hair tips to get you ready for your festival wedding…..

I don’t know any bride that hasn’t been curious about making themselves look and feel their very best on their wedding day. Whether you want to lose weight or get your skin glowing here are some suggestions…

Do: – Janey Holliday who owns Fit For a Princess hated exercise – so she developed an amazing collection of female friendly workouts that are mainly about fun and clever exercise structures to change a woman’s body shape and encourage positivity with working out.  – Really cool place (obviously, it is in Shoreditch) that offers workshops and different classes everyday…They offer everything from Pilates to Music Video Classes, which would personally be my choice. #AlwaysWantedToMoonwalk  – Intensive yoga + Breathing exercises + 41 degrees = sweaty betty. But really – I didn’t realise it was possible to sweat so much so quickly. This isn’t maybe the most fun, but if you are into yoga and saunas, save time and mix the two! And you sort of feel high after, in the most legal way possible.

Cover yourself in:

 Out of everything, your arms are the most likely to be on show. I’m a little bit in love with Mama Mio – their Bootcamp For Arms has everything you need to get those arms looking super fabulous – you can’t hide them behind your back all day!

After a shower (with plenty of dry brushing beforehand) when your skin is warm and still slightly damp – massage in plenty of Dr Hauschka’s body oil. Smells like lemoncello….just try not to drink it!

This oil really helps circulation and encourages your body to detox – it’s not greasy, and you feel super soft all day.

Run around the house with these pretty weights If you use them properly and not as book ends you will definitely notice a difference!!

Have this:

I have an obsession with treatments. I’m a control freak – so a treatment is my scheduled time to calm down.

I have The Organic Phamacy on the King’s Road on speedial. They have just released some amazing new facials. (Keep an eye out for my review on my Flawless face post). However their Green Coffee Body Sculpting massage is extremely effective in getting everything moving. It incorporates coffee and chilli to reduce bloating and increase lymphatic drainage.

The Organic Pharmacy King’s Road – 020 7351 2232



Wedding beauty on its way!

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