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Hey Gorgeous Ones!

So today, I thought I’d brighten up what is a grossly grey and gloomy day with a bunch of seriously colourful, life inducing blooms! However, rather than keep things traditional (y’all know, that just isn’t how we do things here at Festival Brides) I’m gonna be talking about a quirky bridal portrait that I’m seeing every where right now, which demands a rather large bouquet of flowers. This fun, eccentric shot sees the bride’s entire face momentarily disappear behind an astoundingly large array of flowers. May I introduce you to the Gloriously B.I.G. bouquet trend.

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They’re cute, right? I love this style of portrait. It’s a world apart from the traditional, inanimate shot of your bouquet delicately placed on a sideboard, and it’s so much cooler than holding your bouquet delicately, with both hands neatly poised at your waist. This shot says ‘here’s my totally rad bouquet’ and then shoves it right up in your face. It totally brings the bouquet to life and is just kinda rock n roll!

If you’re up for this style, but you’re not sure about embracing some of the more explosively large bunches, then the long skinny bundle is for you. I mean, did you see those two-tone lilac Delphiniums above? They’re absolutely stunning – I feel like there might even be enough to distribute them to your guests!? Talk to your florist about longer blooms that will hold their vertical stance, and either go for an entire bunch of them, or combine something like Gladioli with rounder, shorter flowers to maintain that taller feel to the bouquet, as above.

In this instance, I think the less bound the bouquet is, the better. Although this might not be the most practical option (meh! Who needs practical?!) it gives a really natural, nonchalant ‘I just picked these on the way here’ feel to your look. If you’re the bohemian, outdoorsy types we imagine you to be, that’s exactly the style you’re aiming to achieve!

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How gorgeous is the blossom in that last picture? White blossom with just a splash of deep rose, I mean who’d have thought of that?! Seriously original bouquet concepts, ladies!

Something else we’re loving about these huge bouquets? Their immediately slimming effect. As with most aspects of the oversized trend, these massive bundles of flowers have the (always helpful) effect of making the bride appear (even more) slight and delicate in contrast. This has been demonstrated wonderfully in another style of bridal portrait; it sees the bride’s oversized arrangement peeping over her shoulder. We think it’s insanely gorgeous and just oh-so-sophisticated.


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Really want to put yourself out there with this trend? Or just not a major fan of anything too floral? Have you considered a bouquet composed entirely of foliage? I’m yet to see a bride actually embrace this idea, but I tell you what, I wish I’d had that little light bulb moment 9 months ago for my own wedding. Now I’m a huge, no seriously, huge fan of Eucalyptus, so I’ll promote it whenever possible, but genuinely it’s a killer option for this concept. Oodles and oodles of softly rounded leaves in that alluring dusty grey-green shade, I just can’t even… We LOVE this, no flowers needed! 


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Yeah, if Kinfolk are doing it, we’re all over it! It’s Gloriously B.I.G. yet so amazingly understated.

So I guess the last thing you want to consider is your ‘wild factor’. How clean cut or explosive do you want your bouquet to be? The oversized bouquet works fantastically both ways, so it really is a case of personal preference and what’ll suit your existing theme best. An entire bouquet composed of a single type of flower is sheer beautiful simplicity, or use a variety (we’re loving Peonies, Cabbage Roses and Ranunculus) of warm pinks and orange tones, whilst keeping sprawling foliage to a minimum to keep the bouquet tight and formed.


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However, if you’re all up for turning on that ‘wild factor’, then go for it girl! The use of a variety of types of foliage, including what appears to be Oak leaves in the second image (?!) is totally the way to go. Your bouquet will be lusciously filled, and perfectly set in your woodland or meadow wedding venue. The juxtaposition of the huge, sprawling (and some might argue a little ungainly) greenery with the smooth, clean lines of the gown and the delicate softness of the bride’s complexion just enhances her all the more, don’t you think?


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We’re loving the rich colour of those scarlet Tassel flowers in the penultimate image, alongside the ever-popular succulents and that last bouquet is just beaut: white Anemones and huge pink Camellia?! Too good!

Aren’t they just Gloriously B.I.G?! And the fantastic thing about embracing big blooms is their ability to hold their own in a striking outdoor venue. Guaranteed: if you go big, your bouquet won’t get lost in the midst of a very busy, exciting day, oh no! It’ll be a striking piece of art that’s renders itself impossible to ignore! 

Wild and glorious; just how we like them.

Clare xo


Wedding beauty on its way!

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