G5Good afternoon, my festival loving friends! And a happy Friday to you! We have spent a vast proportion of this week revelling in the glory that was Glastonbury last weekend and so it seems only right to chat about some of the festival’s hottest trends for a bit of Friday fun because man ALIVE, were there some goodun’s!

I don’t know if it was something in the air following that rather shocking revelation last Friday, but from what I’ve seen (no, I didn’t get tickets, I don’t wanna talk about it… *stuffs face into cushion and wails unconsolably*) there was something a little different about Glasto 2016. From taking a step away from some of the usual festival fashion faves (I’m looking at you, flower crowns) to an overwhelming sense of unity and love, Glasto was full of goodness that we can’t wait to delve into today!

And, I mean with a line up like this…


…It was bound to be a special one!

So to transport you straight back to those festival vibes and get you all those Glasto feels while you’re sat in your office chair, let’s just take a moment for some of these incredible shots from this year’s festival…



G8 G7

Oh yes! The festival renowned for its flags certainly didn’t disappoint, with the flags taking on a Navajo style design that we just love – I can’t wait to see those hit the festival wedding world! And, of course, those amazing tipis… There are no words!

Now, y’all know that we LOVE a festival, but not just to inspire our day-to-day style choices. As I mentioned in last year’s Glasto inspired post, festivals are an amazing opportunity for self expression, where (for whatever reason!) people feel freer and style loses any inhibitions, and what better place to gain inspiration for a wedding that breaks the rules?! Now I know not all of these trends will be relevant to your wedding, but I’d encourage you to think outside the box a little here… You never know how Glasto might inspire you!

Let’s dive into the fashion trends that we were loving at Glasto this year then shall we?! *Rubs hands together with glee*

First up?…


Now is not the time to be scared of colour, my friends! From Alexa Chung’s punchy lilac mac (how does she make everything so ridiculously cool?!) to Cara’s bright sky blue accessorising, to Ollie’s Pride rainbow fringed ensemble; colour was everywhere at Glasto.

It was in big bold blocks, it was your face and it permeated every corner of the festival, giving it a real Pride-inspired carnival vibe… And when Britain is throwing all kinds of shade, grey and rain around, we need all the colour we can get!





YAASS, Ollie! Get it!

And next up, just to contradict myself entirely… (Why not, eh?!)

White on White

Y’all KNOW we are obsessed with this trend. I mean did you see our styled shoot collab with The Little Lending Company last week and this week on the blog?!

White on white is everything, and even in the pools (and I mean POOLS) of mud at Glasto this year, celebs and festival goers alike were rocking layers and textures of white (including a lot of semi-sheer white rain macs!) and we were freakin’ loving it.






Throw in a dash of gold as well, Twigs. LOVE. IT.

And now, the Queen of Glasto 2016, bow down people, bow down…

Queen Adele


She had us laughing, she had us crying (obvs!), she had us singing our hearts out… And that was just from our living room sofa!

I hear it was all kinds of magic to be watching her for real at Glasto, and can we just talk about her fashion choices?! The gal nailed it.

From her chilled, no-makeup makeup and world inspired textiles for her brave pre-show interview with Jo Wiley, to that custom black Chloé gown… *drools a little*




And as for the abundance of flared bell sleeves… Girl we see you and we are on. board.

As was Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes!


And now at the opposite end of the scale, there’s a trend becoming increasing mainstream that permeated Glastonbury 2016…


Now, I know a lot of people cannot bear this trend, but I gotta tell you: both the comfort-loving 20 something and the 90’s kid in me LOVE this trend, and I think it might be here to stay!

Defined by Wiki as ‘a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities are worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions’, Athleisure has been in our peripherals for quite a while now, but it appeared in full force at Glasto this year.

Gone were the flower crowns, and in their place, an array of Adidas Originals baseball caps!



Now, from a ground breaking festival trend, to one that’ll forever withstand the test of time…

Sparkle Goes Big

You better believe it! The sparkle gods had rained down their sequin tears all over Glasto for another year, and 2016 saw sparkle go big. Like, for real, head to toe in sparkle.

Where Jess Glynne lead the way with that insanely badass green sequin trouser suit, the rest followed! With full sequinned trousers, girl gangs donning matching gold bomber jackets (ummm hey, perfect hen-do attire!) and glittered beards/hairlines/faces… You know the drill.

Sparkle is here to stay.




Jess Glynne SLAYED, by the way. If you’re yet to see her set, get an eye full here.

And what else was ‘so hot right now’ at Glasto ’16?…

The Micro Trends

Despite all the mud. Despite Nigel Farage. Depsite the pound dropping to a 31 year low. Glasto ’16’s festival-goers were KILLING IT when it came to the style stakes.

Combining any of the following in any order was a sure hit:

  • Dungarees – not an obvious choice for the dreaded festival portaloo, but they were everywhere!
  • Head Wraps – they were this year’s ultimate 3-days-without-a-shower hair solution
  • Round Sunglasses – yes, 70’s shaped shades made a huge comeback
  • Dropped Shoulders – be it a fitted cropped top, or a loose fit dress, just make sure you’ve got your shoulders exposed

We’re besotted. And so many of the above trends would translate beautifully into a wedding context.. Except maybe dungas (although I could be tempted!)




Uhhh. I just wanna be there already!

We love this next trend, although it’s not a new one for Glastonbury…

Give a Damn

Yep, you heard me right. Glastonbury gives a damn.

And although that’s not new news, Glasto (like many other festivals) has always sought to promote environmental awareness, acceptance and charities, this year it seemed all the more poignant some how.

From Alex Turner’s statement t-shirt, to the Glasto wall of Global Greetings, to the multitude of Peace flags, to those honouring lost legends. Charities were out in full force and were making sure Glasto ’16 remained outward-looking and stood for something good in a year that’s shown this world many trials and sorrows.

And hey, why not adopt this concept for your wedding? There are loads of incredible ways to raise awareness and involve charities in your wedding day, and I can’t think of a better way to start a marriage than by shifting your perspective outwards together.







And while we’re here, and in light of the tragic Orlando shooting, if you haven’t already seen one of the most incredible, poignant moments of Glasto ’16, check out Ollie of the Years and Years speech during their set:

What a guy.

2016 Braids

Back to the style stakes, and braid-bearing ladies were out in full force again at Glasto this year.

Their favourites?

Well, the Heidi braid got big and chunky make-over, often being paired with a choker necklace or a embroidered leather jacket to play down the sweetness of the look, and amp up the badass vibes.

While the double dutch braid remained a firm favourite, with Ms Delevingne and her BFF Ms Waterhouse donning a matching blue variety!

And then, of course, Jess Glynne went all out, broke every rule and rocked a Spice Girl esq set of braided buns that we couldn’t help but love!

That red mane of hers though! [insert 4 hear-eye emojis]





Seriously, loving that blue though!

And for the boys?…

Man Pattern

As well as rocking some supremely cool round Lennon-like sunglasses and their fair share of dungarees too, the guys were nailing the patterned look.

From Douglas Booth’s (yes, I let out a sigh whenever I say his name too!) worn-in illustrated shirt, to Hugo’s loud patterned sweater, the men were embracing this look in a big way, and it was all kinds of hot!



…And as for Millie, that girl just knows how to do festivals. Gorgeous!


And so the sun sets on Glastonbury for another year, but with the majority of Festival season still ahead of us, we’re sure to see a lot more of these trends over the summer!

Have an awesome weekend (especially those of you who’re festival-bound!) and we’ll see you on the flipside!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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