To be bronzed or not? I love a little tan for a special occasion – but I think it’s a love or hate sort of relationship. If you are going to opt for one here are some tips to stop you looking like you’ve had a 2 week tropical holiday without your fiancé!

Pre Tan

Body Brush

Here is a great video on how to body brush correctly *this does not mean you will look like the model!


Make sure your exfoliator is suitable for fake tan – exfoliators with lots of lovely oils can stop tan sticking to your skin and will leave it super patchy. Try He-Shi’s amazing body wash – it has been designed to be used before fake tanning!




If you have dry skin, or dry areas, pop a little bit of moisturiser on before you tan; this would usually be your feet, front of your legs, knees and elbows. Wait about 20 minutes for this to settle before applying a tan. Garnier’s Intensive moisturiser is amazing, and really inexpensive! I don’t have time to mess around with creams – this one is great as it absorbs quickly but keeps your legs/arms soft all day.


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I love these products for a tan, it’s up to you to find the right one for you. If you are going to tan yourself – you need to be VERY good at it before your wedding, and make sure you exfoliate well in between tans.


If you have realised, that like me, fake tanning is best left to someone with a pop up tent and an airbrush then have a look at these places

Happy bronzing xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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