Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMorning honz!

Ok, so let’s take a second for a bit of #realtalk today…

Yes, it might be a FINE Friday (I dunno about where you guys are at, but its blue skies and fresh here today)

Yes, you might have put our Morning Ritual into practice as part of your 2015 resolutions…

Yes, it is almost the weekend…

But, when all that positivity is said and done, I will still always need a morning pick-me-up!

Now, as part of a NY resolution to eat a little cleaner (not including the odd bottle glass of Prosecco, of course!), I’ve found myself quickly becoming much more aware of the ingredients that I fuel my body with, so I thought it’d be great to look at some alternative and naturally sugared energy drinks for you busy, brides-to-be!

Here at Festival Brides HQ, we’re some of the lucky ones, I mean this morning, I rustled up this little cacao smoothie. Nothing processed, no additives and a lovely little energy boost from the cacao, banana and honey… Totally yum, totally energising and no nasties!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetBut, I hear you gals!

Like, who’s got time for that every morning, right?!

Right! So, I’ve scoured the WWW to find you some of my absolute faves from some of Britain’s independent small businesses, well established companies and fledging brands.

And boy, the possibilities are endless and 0h-so-exciting!

So, whether you’re new-engaged and struggling to sleep at night for the excitement and dreaming, or a bride-to-be in the final throws of planning that special day (in which case you’re probably running on some serious adrenaline, but an extra boost can’t hurt!) these energising and rejuvenating bottles of goodness are sure to help you on your way!

First up, and in no particular order…

The Pressery

25 copyOk, so if you liked the sound of my cacao smoothie and you’re based in the big smoke, these gals are where. It’s. At.

They’re ALL about homemade, cold-pressed almond milk.

Sans the added sugar and stabilisers of many store-bought almond milks, The Pressery‘s almond milk is raw, whole goodness!

26 copy27Also, can we just talk about how darling The Pressery gals are?!

Like, can I just be one of them!?

Back to their drinks, and we’re totally stoked on their Cacao blend. Lightly sweetened with dates and vanilla, it’s the perfect booster that tastes so good you’d think it was naughty, but it ain’t, not even a little bit!

Plus, their instagram feed is just to die for.

28Head over to their site to find out where you can get yours and drink up, dolls!

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Next up, we’re totally taking one for team coffee lovers.

Meet the KING of iced coffee…

5 copyUnlike many other iced coffees, Jimmy’s consciously creates their DE-LICIOUS cartons of yum with 4 simple, responsibly sourced and natural ingredients:

British Skimmed Milk
Arabica Coffee
Demerara Sugar
Thickener (Carrageenan)

Simples. With just enough sugar (unlike a lot of those sickly sweet iced coffees you can get!) and the Skinny comes in at a mere 118 kcal (if you’re in the counting business!)

Jimmy’s will forever be a firm favourite at FBrides HQ.

Just because COFFEE.


Oh my. So, I dunno about you guys, but Juiceman is a recent discovery for me and I’m obsessed!

19 copyIn their own words:

Juiceman is a choice. It is a choice to embrace a healthier lifestyle, complemented and supplemented by 100% Organic, natural and unprocessed nutrition. It is a choice to give our bodies the best we possibly can and help enable us to achieve a long and healthy lifespan.

We produce 100% Organic, cold pressed, unpasteurised juices, nut milks, tonics, shots, cleanses and much, much more.

Our concept is to provide you with an easy way to complement your busy lifestyle and maintain optimum health. Morning juices, health shots, nut milks and cleanses delivered every day, just as the local Milkman did when you were a child. We will take care of the hard work for you and bring your daily goodness straight to your door.’ 

Seriously though, who can say no to that!? I want them all (no, really!), but here are some of our energy-boosting faves:

20 copyMeet J3.

Perfect for the bride-to-be nearing her wedding day and feeling the heat a little, this de-stress juice is described:

‘Juice No.3 is our easy greens drink. Whilst still providing a heavy vitamin punch it feels light and the pear brings a delicate sweetness. Its organic ingredients are energy building, immune boosting and stress relieving and can help aid digestion, promote cell repair and regeneration of skin, hair, nails and bones.’

So, one a day everyone?! Yeah me too!

Next up…

21 copy Meet J5 (no not the American hip-hop group).

Made from a refreshing combination of chia seeds, cucumber, lemon and pineapple, Juiceman describes it as  ‘a deliciously healthy thirst quencher. Its organic ingredients help aid both the digestive system and the respiratory system, provide a great source of natural energy, are anti inflammatory and help alkalize the body.’

For real though, give me ALL THE JUICE!

22 copyBack to some more cacao loving and this little number is Juiceman‘s SM 2.

I’ll let them tall you about it, but I am SO into this little concoction:

The combined organic ingredients in our delicious Chocolate Protein Smoothie are designed to help with performance and energy. This smoothie contains two renowned Superfoods. Cacao is the number one source of magnesium of any food on the planet and contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world. It is a highly effective natural energy enhancer. Goji Berries are regarded as a longevity, strength-building and potency food of the highest order. They contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids as well as many other nutrients. These combined with potassium rich Dates, natural protein, antioxidant rich Vanilla , Almonds and Avocado to help absorption of nutrients make this a very effective drink.’

…AKA healthy chocolate. Need I say any more!?

23 copyAnd as if that isn’t enough to convince you of the amazing-ness that is Juiceman, y’all can totally order one of their Juice Boxes.

Whether you want a whole lot of wellness, performance, beauty, detox or you want a package for the whole family, or one of each of their juice shots, these boxes of sheer goodness are just everything.

Ok, I’m done gushing, you get the picture!

Vivid Drinks

Key ingredient: Matcha.

Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either. Here’s the deal:

  • Contains natural caffeine & l-theanine
  • Caffeine improves cognition & concentration, whilst l-theanine keeps you calm, relaxed & alert
  • Raises metabolism & helps to burn fat faster
  • More antioxidants than any other tea

10 copy13 a copyAs Vivid tell us:

‘Matcha is simply pure, high-grade green tea leaves that have been picked and ground into a fine powder. This powder is blended straight into our drinks to give you all the nutritional benefits in a highly concentrated form.’

Like, #gimmie. Right?!

Let’s take a look at the flavours…

8 copy12 copy11 copy13 copySo, if you’re looking for that natural green-tea style boost, y’all need to be drinking Vivid.

Plus, they’re so damn tasty. We LOVE.

Innocent Drinks

Y’all know Innocent, right?

Well, they’re upping their game yet again with their recent additions to the world of smoothie power!

Our favourite, decidedly red-looking favourites are:

14 copy 17 copySo, I don’t know if you guys saw Channel 4’s  most recent episode of Food Unwrapped, but they talked about the incredible power of beetroot (if you’re into that kinda thing, this episode is totally worth a watch, they dispelled a lot of diet food myths!)

Back to beetroot… Who knew, right?!

Nevertheless, scientists claim to have seen a 4% improvement in the performance of athletes using this natural booster.

And, I mean, on some days, planning a wedding can totally feel like a marathon, right? So go ahead and beet it up, gals!

16 copy18 copySo, there you have it! Our low down on how to get a wholly healthy kick and some of the best super natural highs out there right now!

Find what works for you and enjoy sipping on something that’s gonna sustain your pretty little bod through all the excitement of planning a wedding, leaving you feeling finer than ever at the end of this grand adventure you’re on!

Peace + Love

Clare X




Wedding beauty on its way!

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