Today I dedicate this post to a truly wonderful and loving friend – Miss Laura Bailey… Today she has joined the 30 club (Life starts here)

Back in August 2011 we started on this blogging journey, not knowing where it would lead (Best kind of journey in my opinion!!) – It has highlighted how special this woman is in my life. We spend more time together now than ever before and we love every minute of it.. Even the disagreements, as they are actually quite funny!!

We have been through so much together since we met at secondary school at the tender age of 12.. She truly knows me better than anyone and understands some of the crazy stuff I think and feel. She has always been there for me through the many rough times and to celebrate the good times!! What more can you ask for from a friend….

I’m so excited to stand alongside Festival Bride No 1 at her wedding to Bob next year!! What a party it will be…

May our freindship deepen and flourish while we continue promote free spirited weddings across the globe!!

Love always my beautiful friend xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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