Laura and I have just returned from a very moving funeral ceremony. Our dearest friend lost her dad suddenly in early January. It has been so hard to know what to say to support her through a very hard time. She has been amazingly philosophical about today and we have walked away from the ceremony having learnt more about the happy memories that they will now hold so dear!! They opted for a humanist ceremony (something we wave the biggest flag for!!) and it makes such a difference when saying goodbye. We were walked through the memories of his life with warmth and love. The ceremony was uplifting and we smiled at the stories told by his children.

Today we have learnt that it’s the memories that count, celebrating the moments that make us laugh and sometimes cry. This is what life is about!! We should try to not feel sad (as hard as that may seem) when we lose a loved one as their memory lives on in us all.

So in celebration of good memories, on your wedding day why not ask everyone to document their happiest/funniest memory of you both. These can then act as great little keepsakes and a quirky alternative for a guest book!!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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