Glastonbury festival 2013

Happy Friday Lovely Peeps,

It’s almost the weekend and it’s going to be scorchio!

So I am just sitting here listening to 6 Music’s coverage of Glastonbury Festival and just wishing so much that I was there. The atmosphere sounds amazing, the line up of the smaller stages such as The Park, John Peel and West Holts sound epic and the weather is looking pretty damn good too. If only I had a god damn ticket!

I’ve only ever been to Glastonbury once and that was back in 2010. Since then I got married, went travelling and had a baby so the timing to go again just hasn’t been right but next year just you try and stop me. I am already planning it in my head! I am there, sitting up by the stoned circle and looking over the sea of tents and people.

Glastonbury is such a special festival for so many reasons. Despite it’s size, the atmosphere is really friendly because people are just so happy to be there and you just get this incredible feeling that you are part of some exclusive community, shut away and untouched from the rest of the world. For 4 days you can completely escape and immerse yourself in music, people, colour, laughter, entertainment, spirituality, food, shops, fancy dress, games and fun…….lots of FUN! Your stripped from your everyday life and live back to basics, camping in a field with thousands of other people and using toilets and showers that normally you would avoid with a barge pole but hey, you’re at Glastonbury, so stinking toilets are a given right!? All you have to think about is what band your going to see or what area you’re going to explore – it’s so invigorating to live simply and not have to think much past the next few hours. That is what makes Glastonbury, and all festivals in fact, so great. It’s the ultimate in escapism.

I think that’s why people love weddings so much as well, especially ones that capture that festival vibe. Weddings are a bit of escapism for the day as well aren’t they? Everyone is so happy because they can just chill, feel the love, enjoy the food and entertainment, party with their friends and family and of course watch two people, who love each other so very much, say I do. That’s why we think festival weddings are the best way forward – how can they not be when they have the vibe of a festival and are filled with people who already know and love each other – its the best possible recipe for the most awesome day/weekend!

In homage of Glastonbury Festival, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and share with you all of our Glastonbury inspired posts since Festival Brides began.

So sit back, pour yourself a cider, put the radio on and lets get lost in Glastonbury for a little while.


Glastonbury Inspiration by We Heart Pictures

Glastonbury Festival Inspiration by We Heart Pictures Glastonbury Inspiration b y We Heart Pictures

Colourful Glastonbury Wedding – Pete and Hollie

Hollie and PeteHollie-and-Pete-43-533x355

Kate And Stu’s Wedding at Glastonbury 2013

Katie and Stu's Wedding at Glastonbury FestivalKatie and Stu's Wedding at Glastonbury FestivalKatie and Stu's Wedding at Glastonbury


Glasto Style for Festival Brides


Lauren and Matt’s Engagement Shoot at Worthy Farm

Lauren-and-Math Lauren-and-Math1

Charlotte and Josh’s Glastonbury Inspired Wedding Part 1 and Part 2



Alice and Matt’s Glastonmarry

festival_wedding_neilthomasdouglas_40 festival_wedding_neilthomasdouglas_52

Flowers in Her Hair: Braids + Blooms – Glastonbury Hair Inspiration

121 281 102

 Tina and Paul’s Juhurstbury Festival Wedding

Tina-and-Paul Tina-paul-festival-wedding17 Tina-paul-festival-wedding181

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and if you are lucky enough to be at Glastonbury, you better be living it up!

Big Festival Love

Laura xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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