Picasso: Mother and Child

On Monday I mentioned that Bob and I have a very special announcement to share with you all. Something that we have been keeping under our hats for a while now and something that is already starting to change my life forever.

Yep you’ve probably guessed it from the picture above………….we’re pregnant! 28 weeks today!

Just writing that last sentence is making me very emotional (that’s hormones for you! I cry at everything and anything at the moment!!)

It’s been an amazing first 6 months of pregnancy. I have loved getting to know this little one so far and reading all about its different stages of development! According to this week’s baby centre updates our little baby can turn its head from side to side and has eyelashes! It’s also wriggling around like there’s no tomorrow which I just love. If I give it a little poke it will usually retaliate with a small push or movement of some kind. The best time is when Bob lays his head on my belly and the baby kicks him in the face! I’ve got them well trained already!!

I think you can tell that I’m pretty excited about becoming a Mum. Even more so after spending time with Kelly and her gorgeous baby girl Flo. It’s going to be life changing and the further along I get, the more I am realising just how much love and happiness this little baby is going to bring to our life’s.

Here is a picture from our 12 week scan…….. it’s just giving you all a little wave!


So on the 31st May I will be officially joining the wonderful world of motherhood (providing it arrives on time that is!) and I can’t bleedin’ wait!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Big Baby Love

Festival Brides xx

Ps I have become a baby blog fanatic! If you are pregnant then you must check out 100 layer cake-let. I’m obsessed!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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