This image has totally inspired me to have a small gathering in the garden this weekend.. Come rain or shine we will be embracing the outdoors!! We are having a ‘flat cap and whippet’ party to celebrate my 30th Birthday and Nick’s 30 something!! Obviously everyone is turning up in tweed jackets, flat caps and general country attire… We have festoon lighting for the garden, tweed bunting and hay bales for seating..enough food to feed a small army and enough prosecco to last until xmas is we are lucky!! Should be a good one….

If you are having a party, planning an event or wedding, I hope this image inspires you as well!! It’s so simply, the styling is truly bohemian and relaxed. this is my idea of a perfect wedding breakfast sit down.

Have a fab weekend everyone.. We will post pictures of our themed party soon!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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