Morning! I hope you all had a good weekend. Pretty sure Friday night was the night of Christmas parties as everyone seemed to be out! If it was yours, I hope your head wasn’t too bad over the weekend and there were no mishaps with a photocopier!!

We have a fabulous bohemian tipi wedding to share with you today with the most stunning bridal headpiece from By Harriet via Glory Days Vintage and plenty of great outdoor decoration ideas.

Frances and Derek wanted their wedding to be fun, relaxed, inventive and personal and to create a day they could really make their own.

All we wanted was something we could be creative and put our personality into it, but also where everyone could be themselves

Influenced by the seventies, Frances trip to Morocco and of course Pinterest, Frances and Derek dressed the venue with lots of lace, ivy and bunting. Ivy looks so stunning against the tanned colour of a tipi and this wedding really illustrates that. Their flowers included rich Moroccan colours and worked beautifully with the green of the ivy and they used a vintage fringed shawl at the front of their top table (which we love) and placed Moroccan lanterns either side.

Despite loving the decor, I think the stand out from this wedding for us has to be Frances’ bridal style. Frances writes her own vintage fashion and lifestyle blog, A Style Creative, so she obviously knows a thing or two about fashion. This completely shone through in her sleek handmade wedding dress by Glory Days Vintage with its cut sleeves and low back. Her hair and make-up (all done by herself) complimented the dress perfectly and we have already mentioned that gorgeous headpiece. LOVE. She really does look like a modern day Bianca Jagger and we haven’t even mentioned her tattoo!

Frances and Derek talk us through their day….

Paris, A Bench and One Knee….

Derek proposed to me in Paris on my 30th birthday, on a bench, around midnight, just off the Champs Elysees. We were walking back to the subway after a delicious steak meal and copious amounts of red wine. Derek was hovering around on the main bridge on the way back and I wondered what he was doing. It turns out that he was trying to find the right spot and moment to pop the question! I didn’t realise and nearly ruined things by moaning that we needed to go back sharpish because my feet hurt. Luckily we found a bench, away from everybody else to rest my weary feet. This bench turned out to be the perfect spot…

A Handmade Dress and Beaded Headband….

My dress was handmade by Hayley from Glory Days Vintage in York. The design was a silk “Zena” dress from their Rolling In Roses collection.

The Zena gown is described as a striking, backless, bias-cut silk satin dress with full length split sleeves and scalloped seam detail at the hip level. It has a high neck and pointed cuffs. I knew this was the one as soon as I put it on. It is very relaxed and as its style is reminiscent of the 70s it fitted my overall theme perfectly.

My headpiece was from ByHarriet, purchased from Glory Days. It was a stunning, beaded headband which complemented the dress style perfectly. 

Perched On A Hill….

Our ceremony was at All Saints Church, Kirkby Overblow, situated between Harrogate and Leeds. From the moment we saw the church we fell in love with it; the village is just like it is from a postcard and as perched on a hill in the centre of the village, it gave us such stunning views over the Yorkshire countryside. I walked in with my Maid of Honour and my three flower girls, who had all been given red petals to throw, I was so lucky to have them by my side and they all looked stunning.

After we had completed our vows, instead of the traditional wedding march we walked out to “My Girl” by the Temptations which is one of our favourite songs. The church was very relaxed when it came to song choices, and this was just one more thing we were able to do to make the day really personal.

A Big Field, Stunning Views and Freedom….

Our reception venue was Wharfedale Grange, between Leeds and Harrogate. Wharfedale Grange is a pick your own farm that has diversified to do weddings and wedding flowers. 

Our quest for the perfect venue started a year before we married. We visited many different places, none of them ticked all the boxes. Some were too traditional, where everything was super regimented. Another offered a marquee similar to what we wanted, but because another wedding would be in on the Friday it would only give us a few hours to set everything up! Not ideal when you have lots of creative ideas and need a full day of decorating to bring them to life. Wharfedale grange gave us the blank canvas we needed, as well as much needed support along the way. Above all it was in a big field which gave us the most stunning views and plenty of space for our tipi tent.

Wharefdale Grange also did our flowers. They included deep red daliahs, eucalyptus and white wax flowers for a pop of white. We used ivy around the tipi as this gives not only really good value for money but looks really undone, which was what we wanted. We even constructed a hanging top table centre piece from a cheeseboard, this gave us a real focal point, so very little extra cost.

Lace, Ivy and Bunting….

We decorated the venue and tipi with lots of lace, ivy and bunting! I used a vintage fringed shawl at the front of our top table and placed Moroccan lanterns either side. Anything Moroccan/ ethnic and fringed works really well with a boho theme.

Seventies babes from days gone by (Stevie Nicks to name but one) was our inspiration. My holiday to Morocco a few year’s back also inspired us and of course Pinterest! There were a few pictures of tipis decorated in ivy and rich ethnic tones that helped form the beginning of my plan right at the start.


Favourite Moment….

Aside from the obvious moment where we did our vows in church. It was without a doubt, the moment where we ended the night in the middle of a big huddle on the dance floor singing along loudly toHey Jude” by The Beatles. Surrounded by family and friends was a blessing, there was just so much joy in the room.

Any Advice?

Yes, be as organised as you can and keep on top of suppliers and the humble spreadsheet is your best friend when budgeting. If you are planning your own wedding it is very easy for costs to creep up or to get taken in by the added extras. We made sure we had enough in the pot for all the essentials such as flowers, tipi, rings etc, then made a note of anything we would like to have, any “nice to haves” should we have a bit left over at the end. It’s always better to overestimate any costs, than leave things too tight.

The Line Up

Photography: Natasha Cadman Photography
Ceremony Venue: All Saints Church
Reception Venue: Wharfedale Grange
Wedding Tipi: Totally Tipi
Bride’s Dress: The ‘Zena’ dress by Rolling in Roses via Glory Days Bridal
Bride’s Headpiece: By Harriet via Glory Days Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Bespoke, Hardy Amies
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: French Connection
Stationery: Invites by Jennifer Wren Designs, Etsy
Flowers and buttonholes: Claire Thomas, at Wharfedale Grange
Cake: Homemade by Cousin
Band: After Hours Quintet


Wedding beauty on its way!

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