Afternoon you gorgeous lot! I hope you all had a good weekend. I am feeling revived, inspired, well fed and well watered after a brilliant long weekend in Paris. It was a spontaneous trip as my husband is working there at the moment and had some last minute time off. I only decided to go a few days before so I didn’t have time to plan or over think things. I just rocked up Friday morning on the first Eurostar from Ashford and arrived wide eyed and bushy tailed ready to explore. It was my third time in Paris so there was no pressure to sight see. Instead, we spent the weekend walking the back streets of central Paris, following our noses and soaking up the Parisian lifestyle. We also hit Marché aux Puces St.-Ouen de Clignancourton, one of Paris’ famous flea markets where we found Chez Lousiette, an utterly bonkers but brilliant cabaret bar and restaurant. If you ever find yourself in Paris, you have to visit Chez Lousiette. The whole restaurant is adorned with Christmas decorations (of the 1980’s kind) and they have a range of cabaret singers all performing in their own unique and extravagant way. It was the highlight of our weekend!

Following on from the city of love we have a gorgeous laid back real wedding to share with your eyes today. Captured by Karen Flower Photography, Fran and Matt said I do on the 23rd May 2015 at Heron’s Farm, a beautiful tythe barn in Berkshire. They had no set vision when it came to planning their wedding apart from keeping it relaxed and informal as much as possible. After finding Heron’s Farm, the barn and surrounding countryside very much dictated the style of their wedding and they ended up following a rustic theme with a vintage twist which we think works beautifully.

With plenty of DIY decor elements and clever ideas such as sweetie bags for their ‘tuck shop’ doubling up as name placements for their tables, Fran and Matt’s wedding is certainly not short of a good idea or two!

Look out for Fran’s gorgeous Boden shoes and the fun garden games.

Fran and Matt tell us how it all started……

A Sofa, Saturday Kitchen Live & A Piece of Toast….

The ring was ordered online and was delayed so was only delivered on the morning of the proposal! When the doorbell rang Fran had never seen Matt move so fast. The proposal was while we were sat on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen having breakfast of toast and coffee. Fran’s first answer was a no of disbelief! Quickly changed to a yes!

Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1000 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1001 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1002 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1004 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1005 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1006 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1008 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1009 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1013 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1014 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1015 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1020 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1022 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1024 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1026 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1027 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1029 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1031 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1032

A Relaxed Wedding with a Rustic Vibe….

We did a lot of looking on pinterest but our venue (which was the first one we saw and instantly loved) dictated the style of wedding we had. We knew right off we wanted a relaxed feel. We didn’t want everything matching. We didn’t set out to have a rustic, vintage feel but that’s what we ended up having, and we loved it.

Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1036 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1038 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1040 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1044 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1045 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1046 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1047 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1048 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1050 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1051 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1052 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1054 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1057 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1059 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1061 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1062

Paper Pompoms, Fabric Flowers and Sweetie Bags….

We used tissue paper pompoms and Fran hand painted paper lampshades in different pastel colours which were hung from the beams in the barn. Fran also made two fabric flower pomanders which were hung either side of the wedding table. The place cards were sweetie bags for the pick and mix later. The table plan, menu and table numbers were hand written by Fran on 100 year old slate tiles which had fallen off a roof and had been gathering dust for a few years!

Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1064 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1065 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1066 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1068 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1072 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1073 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1075 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1076 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1077 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1078

A Morris Minor….

Although we didn’t need a wedding car as our ceremony and reception were in the same place, Fran had always wanted a Morris Minor at the wedding. Fran’s uncle brought down her Grandfather’s Morris Minor so that it could have pride of place. The Bride’s mothers family have always had Morris Minors so it was a nice way of remembering those that couldn’t be with us.

Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1080 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1082 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1084 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1087 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1089 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1092 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1093 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1094 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1096 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1097 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1100 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1101 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1105 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1109 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1112 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1113 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1115 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1116 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1117 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1118 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1119 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1120 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1122 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1123 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1124

Favourite Moment….

The food tasting with Rich and Charlotte from RS Catering takes some beating (although technically not a part of the day but the run up) Fran’s favourite part was walking back down the aisle (now Mrs. Pearce, hooray!) seeing everyone smiling to Beginning to See the Light by Bobby Darin.

Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1149 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1150 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1153 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1154 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1156 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1157 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1159 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1160 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1161 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1162 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1165 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1166 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1168 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1169 Karen-Flower-Herons-Farm-wedding-1170

Any Advice?

Don’t sweat it! Something will go wrong (probably!)–  all that really matters is your family and friends being there to share your day with you. Everything else is a bonus.

Lastly, all our suppliers were just lovely. I couldn’t have picked a nicer bunch of people who just seemed genuinely happy to be there.

The Line Up

Photography: Karen Flower
Venue: Herons Farm
Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero
Bride’s Shoes: Boden
Groom’s Suit: DKNY
Cake: Angie Webber
Flowers: Ivory Rose Flowers
Hair & Make-up: Jess from Claire Nicole Ltd
Music: Moonraker Disco
Stationery: DIY
Catering: RS Catering


Wedding beauty on its way!

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